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Vistosi - Poc


Design Barbara Maggiolo, 2003


White/crystal, crystal/white - black glass


But, first of all, two or three differently-coloured types of glass must merge.

Poc is indeed always characterised by a crystal-coloured layer, to which either one or two layers are added: in the former case, the second colour can be either black or white; in the latter, the lamp is made up of a white, a crystal and a black layer. A crystal layer is part of each of the versions, because it corresponds to the internal membrane. The method by which this layer is produced was already known in the field of Murano-glass working, but it had neither been applied to spheres before, or to get such definite lines: this is why it counts among Vistosi's patents.

And its versatility earns another point for being available in various sizes and versions: both modern and classic interiors can therefore relish its light, whose intensity changes according to the waves of the membrane.

Technical characteristics:


Poc SP 35 Diameter - 35 cm, hight - 35 cm, suspension lenght - 120 cm

Poc SP 25 Diameter - 25 cm, hight - 25 cm, suspension lenght - 120 cm

Poc SP 16 Diameter - 16 cm, hight - 15 cm, suspension lenght - 140 cm


Glass, metal

Lamp type

Poc SP 35 Halo 2 x 60W G9

Poc SP 35 D1 Halo 2 x 60W G9

Poc SP 35 D2 Halo 4 x 60W G9

Poc SP 25 Halo 1 x 60W G9

Poc SP 25 D1 Halo 1 x 60W G9

Poc SP 25 D2 Halo 2 x 60W G9

Poc SP 16 1x 60W G9 or LED 5W 600lm 2700K




Vistosi - Poc 1

Vistosi - Poc 2

Vistosi - Poc 3

Vistosi - Poc 4

Vistosi - Poc 5