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Zava - Level


Filippo Mambretti


Pure white, carmine red, pastel turquoise


Level is a floor lamp that is designed to be a multifunctional piece of furniture within the home environment: it can be used as a light source but also a shelf or a charging point for electronic products , thanks to the USB sockets placed under the shelf . Level’s design is characterized by clean and modern lines that visually lighten the entire structure, making it minimally functional and harmonious, thanks to the design of the circular shelves that vertically repeat. The entire structure is ì reinterpreted on a purely functional level to hide cables and electrical components , and to maximize shelf space and light diffusion.

Technical characteristics:


Diameter - 41 cm, heigth - 178 cm


Iron, aluminium

Lamp type

LED 1x29W 220V 4000K/3000K 4310Lm/3950Lm




Zava - Level 1

Zava - Level 2

Zava - Level 3

Zava - Level 4

Zava - Level 5