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Fontana Arte - Pinecone


Paola Navone, 2016


White or crystal glass, chromed or gold metal


Pinecone is a table lamp mounting a blown glass diffuser, available in the glossy transparent or milky white acid-etched version. The transparent version, in particular, reveals a two-fold structure that multiplies the scenic effect, while the metal cage pattern projects kaleidoscopic shade effects on the surrounding surfaces. On the contrary, in the white version the glass delicately envelops the cage surface and enhances its geometric pattern, generating an elegant and visually pleasing diffuse light. Illuminated by a light source that can be chosen by the user, the lighting fixture makes a highly appealing and striking impact either switched on or off.

Technical characteristics:


Pinecone 30 Diameter - 30 cm, height - 36 cm

Pinecone 50 Diameter - 50 cm, height - 52 cm


Glass, metal

Lamp Type

Pinecone 30 1x max 116W 230V E27 (HA, FL, LED)

Pinecone 50 1x max 150W 230V E27 (HA, FL, LED)




Fontana Arte - Pinecone 1

Fontana Arte - Pinecone 2

Fontana Arte - Pinecone 3

Fontana Arte - Pinecone 4

Fontana Arte - Pinecone 5