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Itama - Aluled Disc


White, black, concrete


The concrete effect version is  enhanced by a consistent texture, which  contrasts with the minimalist design of  the fixtures. This feature is emphasized  in the version with junction, because by  rotating its structure it is possible to  touch and feel the roughness of concrete.
Both the junction and lighting element of  ALULED disc can be fitted in different ways: structure and single lighting fixture, or structure and  double lighting fixture. It is possible to change the  finishes of these parts, obtaining in this way several combinations.

Technical characteristics:


AP 1L Lenght - 18 cm, width - 15,5 cm

AP 2L Lenght - 31 cm, width - 15,5 cm



Lamp type

AP 1L 10W Led 3000K 1500lm

AP 2L 20W Led 3000K 3000lm




Itama - Aluled Disc 1

Itama - Aluled Disc 2

Itama - Aluled Disc 3

Itama - Aluled Disc 5