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Itama - Frame


Brian Rasmussen


Gold, silver, black, white or beige


White or dove powder-coated extruded aluminum profile. Transparent PMMA diffuser, satin finished on top and buttom edges. Fixing element in machined aluminum, row finish. Signs and drawings made of light. The linear LED light-source is the soul of this range: quality of light, minimal size and modularity. The extruded aluminum profile which contains the light-source is both a decorative and a structural element. The light is filtered by an opal PMMA profile that illuminates the underside of the fixture, giving the impression that the light beam is levitating. The different lengths of profile and the flexibility of the joining blocks make this range modular and easy to personalize.

Technical characteristics:


Frame AP 30 Lenght - 36 cm, height - 7 cm, width - 8 cm

Frame AP 60 Lenght - 66 cm, height - 7 cm, width - 8 cm

Frame AP 90 Lenght - 96 cm, height - 7 cm, width - 8 cm


Aluminium, PMMA

Lamp type

Frame AP 30 - 5W led 3000K 720lm

Frame AP 60 - 10W led 3000K 1440lm

Frame AP 90 - 14W led 3000K 2160lm




Itama - Frame 1

Itama - Frame 2

Itama - Frame 3

Itama - Frame 5