Vertigo Bird - Mantis

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Vertigo Bird - Mantis

MANTIS is an elegantly simplified variant of the iconic desk lamp, made of lightly stained solid maple. Design - Böttcher+Henssler, 2010. The lamp uses energy-saving LEDs placed with precision to provide a natural like warm white light emanating from a hollowed out wooden fixture. The simplified usability comes through in the mechanical principle which relies on gravity to fix an aluminum tube that has been inserted through a wooden stem attached to its base. With this minimalist principle in mind one can effortlessly swing and adjust the height displaying the intended delicate balance, lightness and playfulness of the design. In its symbiosis of clear lines, the natural character of the wood, the colourful accent of the textile cable and coated aluminum tube, MANTIS is a timeless piece to compliment any modern home and office interior. 

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