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Arturo Alvarez - Nevo


White, beige, grey


A collection that reflects the extreme malleability of SIMETECH® better than any other. The unrepeated organic forms of the Nevo, with its hand moulded curves, makes every lamp a unique design, different to the rest. Its volumes seem to be alive, in constant evolution and movement, due to their shape and the folds in which the light plays. It is one of the largest collections of the firm, including pendant lamps, floor and wall ones, and even chandeliers in cascade.

Technical characteristics:


Width - 44 cm, height - 22 cm, total height - 70 cm


Steel, silicone

Lamp type

E14 - Max. 2x9W

E14 - Max. 2x11W

E14 ECO - Max. 2x46W

E14 LED - Max. 2x7W

E14 - Max. 2x60W




Arturo Alvarez - Nevo 1

Arturo Alvarez - Nevo 2

Arturo Alvarez - Nevo 3

Arturo Alvarez - Nevo 5