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Estiluz - Smile A


Joan Cinca


White matte, chrome


Conceived and designed especially to light the bathroom's courtesy area. The new Smile lamp from Estiluz seeks to respond to one of this area's essential needs: light up without dazzling and without creating shadowy annoyances. To achieve this goal, linear metal is applied to the lamp with a top and bottom translucent methacrylate diffuser.
Thanks to its practical format, Smile can be placed on the mirror or on one or both sides of it, providing continuous and indirect light. This is a great help when carrying out specific tasks requiring accuracy, such as, for example, shaving or applying makeup.
With a total height of 5.40 cm, the part is marketed in three variable widths (74.20, 104.20, and 134.20 cm), which allows it to suit all types of bathrooms regardless of their dimensions.
Similarly, it is available with finishes: white matte and chrome, cooper. Smile works with fluorescent light lamps and their energy consumption is extremely minimised.

Technical characteristics:


A-3350A Lenght - 74,4 cm, width - 7,85 cm, hight - 5,8 cm

A-3351A Lenght - 104,4 cm, width - 7,85 cm, hight - 5,8 cm

A-3352A Lenght - 134,4 cm, width - 7,85 cm, hight - 5,8 cm


Aluminium, acrylate

Lamp Type

A-3350A Fluor. T5 1x24W

A-3351A Fluor. T5 1x39W

A-3352A Flluor. T5 1x54W



Estiluz - Smile A 1

Estiluz - Smile A 2

Estiluz - Smile A 3

Estiluz - Smile A 5