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Itama - Drop


White glass, transparent plastic


When the lighting fixtures is off, the surface of the silkscreened glass diffuser looks like an even white surface, and you can see only the outlines of the floral decoration. When on, the surface is alive with different color shades, due to the number of silkscreen layers. Along the outline of the decoration, the light is clearer because there is less color; instead towards the center, where there is more color, the intensity of light decreases.
"A drop in the sea. Like a stone thrown into water stirs waves and reverberation, light transforms and brings DROP to life. The glass diffuser, decorated by several layers ofserigraphy, give the product a decoration that can only be seen when the lamp is illuminated. The diffuser is also wrapped in a structural prismatic PMMA element that spreads the light in auniform manner all around."

Technical characteristics:


Diameter - 48 cm, hight - 10 cm

Diameter - 62,5 cm, hight - 10 cm


Glass, PMMA

Lamp type

6 x E27 max 12W




Itama - Drop 1

Itama - Drop 2

Itama - Drop 3

Itama - Drop 4

Itama - Drop 5