Asana, inspired by the world of yoga, is a multifunctional floor lamp for indoor spaces.‎ An extremely versatile lamp is designed by OiKo Design, a Spanish duo of designer and engineer identifying themselves as „industrial ecologists“. This has been acknowledged with awards as prestigious as the Red Dot and the Green Product Award among others.

The „yoga“ concept of the Asana lamp highlights the very focus of OiKo Design – the solution of the product has to ensure more positive emotions and guarantee the sustainability. Asana is composed of multifunctional arms, from which one can be folded or unfolded in order to achieve the best position of the light.‎ A subtle dimmer on the stem regulates the intensity of the light. A lectern kit or a small table kit, ordered additionally, may serve as a holder for a book, a menu, an album, or have a function of a real small table.

The Asana lamp can be perfectly integrated in the atmosphere of lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants or lounges.

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