Privacy policy

I. General provisions

1. This privacy policy govern UAB “Lempa LT” online store (further Seller) and online stores customer (further Customer) basic personal data collection, processing and storage principles and procedures.

2. Customer‘s personal data collection, processing and storage determine privacy policy, LR law on personal data protection and other regulations.

3. Customer agrees that Seller manage and process Customer‘s personal data which is specified in online store by this privacy policy and LR laws and regulations.

4. Seller is guided by the following principles of data processing:

4.1. Personal data is collected for legitimate purposes.

4.2. Personal data is processed fairly and accurately.

4.3. Seller is obligated to process personal data as defined by the laws of LR, therefore personal data are processed lawfully, in cases when agreement is given by data subject, i.e. agrees to comply the Rules of use in online store and when the contract is concluded or carried out, when one of the parties are data subject.

4.4. Personal data is kept up to date.

4.6. Personal data is processed by the employees who has the right to work with customers personal data.

4.7. All information regarding the processing of personal data is confidential.

4.8. Lithuanian State Data Protection Inspectorate is reported about processing of personal data.

5. Please be advised that in order for the Customer to use full online store services Seller records information (Cookies) to Customer computer (device) for site visitation statistics. Customer has the right not to accept that mentioned information would be recorder in his/her computer (device), in such case some website features may be unavailable.

II. Collection, processing, storage of personal data

6. Seller respects each customer‘s right to privacy. All customers’ personal data specified by Customer are collected and processed for the following purposes:

6.1. to process Customer‘s orders;

6.2. to form all necessary financial documents (e.g., invoices);

6.3. to solve problems related to order presentation or delivery;

6.4. to perform other agreed obligations;

6.5. for direct marketing.

7. Customer must provide correct personal data during registration in online store.

8. Seller ensures safe processing of Customers personal data and protection against accidental or unauthorized personal data destruction, modification and disclosure.

9. Seller has the right to use data not directly associated with Customer for statistical purposes. These statistics are collected and processed in the way that will not allow to disclose the identity or other personal information of Customer.

III. Change and update or personal data

10. Customer has the right to change and/or update his/her personal information which was specified in the registration form.

IV. Information or claims transfer

11. Customer who allowed to process his/her personal data has the right to:

11.1. demand to correct, delete his/her personal data or to suspend, except storage, his/her personal data processing actions when data are processed in breach of the Law and regulations.

11.2. not to accept to personal data processing.

V. Change of privacy policy

12. Seller has the right partially or completely to change privacy policy without prior notice in online store.

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