Hermetic luminaires


Hermetic luminaires are mostly valued for their impressive resistance to various environmental factors. Not only are they hermetic, but they also endure temperature fluctuations and dust. That is why these kind of lamps are great outside: near the house, terrace, garage or in humid premises, for example, sauna. Hermetic lamps are easy to install, but it is important to be cautious both when setting up the lighting and with the electric installations or switches. That is – not to forget that these elements will also be affected by environmental factors, so they should be isolated properly. You are welcome to contact our team and we will gladly help you design your lighting, decide which lamps to choose, consult you about the prices and technical parameters.
Outdoor hermetic lamps are usually attached on the ceiling or the walls. However, they may also be recessed, for example, in outdoor terrace floor, garden tracks or in the pavement near the house facade. Hermetic LED stripe work exceptionally well for home or other buildings. They highlight exterior details, contours of the buildings. LED technology allows us to install outdoor lighting wherever needed, as humidity or extreme temperatures do not affect it at all. While installing the lighting, environmental impact has to be calculated and all safety requirements have to be met. Feel free to contact our team online or in any other convenient way. We will gladly guide you and help install your hermetic lighting.

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