Outdoor wall lamps are a part of the building‘s exterior, helping illuminate the surroundings, providing the possibility to accent the facade in the night time. These lamps are attached to dwelling houses, other private or public buildings – gazebos, outbuildings, garages, saunas. Outdoor wall lamps are not only a great solution to cozy illuminate terraces or balconies, but also a continuously more important style detail.
More prominent are projects to efficiently and strikingly light the facades of apartment buildings, offices or other buildings. Advanced LED technology used in these lamps allows architects and designers to implement their ideas, since LED lamps are extremely resistant to environmental factors and may be of different shapes and sizes. They also cause no harm to the environment. Outdoor wall lamp installation requires knowledge in lighting design, so we suggest You leave that to the professionals.

Variety of outdoor wall lamps

Contact us online, call or visit our salon – Lempa.LT team will gladly help you choose outdoor wall lamps, explain their functionality. Professional word is especially important when questions about facade properties, possible environmental impact, lamp‘s price arise. Electrical connection, attachment, planned size of illuminated area, brightness and it‘s control, meeting safety standards – You should leave all that to the professionals as well. If the lighting is planned to be installed next to a building with some architectural heritage requirements, we will help You find the right solutions, choose the lamps suiting the surroundings best.
The most popular choice remains minimalistic outdoor wall lamps made out of high-quality metal, plastic or combined materials. Based on our long years of experience and constant following the newest lighting tendencies, we can assure You that every individual solution we make will be a perfect combination of funcionality and style. Facade lighting in the night time does not only create a safe and cozy feeling, but also gives the building some special beauty, highlights unique architecture.
You can find a huge selection of lamps, made by some of the best lamp makers in the world, both in our e-shop and salon. These luminaires are reliable, long-lasting, energy saving, stylish and functional.

How to choose outdoor wall lamps?

Outdoor wall lamps have to become a harmonious part of the exterior. That is why we first take a look at the facade. Materials it is made of, prevailing shapes, colors, texture are important, not only because of general style, but because of technical parameters: attachment, electrical connection, installment, mounting, direct environmental effect, maintenance – all these aspects have to be thorougly evaluated.

How to know the type and amount of the lamps needed?

The main criteria are the size of the area to illuminate and the desired intensity of the light. At least a few wall lamps are needed to light a big facade and the size of the area illuminated is counted considering windows and other facade details. For example, a small guest house may require no more than two or four lamps. The desired effect is important (accented lighting, if the area is illuminated to pursue a certain activity, etc).

What is also important when choosing a lamp?

Functionality and lamp‘s design are two main criteria. When the exact size of area, needed brightness and in what conditions the lamp is going to work is known, then it is important to decide how it will look.
In „Lempa“ salon and e-shop the lamps can be chosen according to their style: classical, modern, „Art Deco“ or modern classic luminaires are high-quality, their asortment is wide and constantly updated.
Minimalism is prevailing in modern facades – stainless steel, laconic shapes, a colder color spectrum is used. Outdoor pendants may be called a modern classic since their shapes may remind us of city lights or lanterns, but new design solutions and material combinations let them be easily fitted in modern facades and urban spaces. All lamps are made out of high-quality materials, so they are lasting and resistant.
Our professional team will evaluate a possible environmental impact and advice what parameters are essential for outdoor wall lamps, as they have different resistance to moist, dust and solar radiation.

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