LED luminaires


LED (light emitting diode) – light diode technology can be easily called one of revolutionary solutions, making a huge impact in lighting market. LED technology mechanism is a light diode converting electrical energy to a visible light spectrum. It does not require a lot of recources and energy consumption may be reduced up to 90 percent in comparison with lamps which used incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED light source can be installed in all indoor and outdoor lamps: ceiling, hanging, floor, wall lamps or LED stripes. Recessed or hanging LED panels allow all lighting ideas to be implemented. LED lamps may be applied in unusual spaces as well: installed in the stairs, walls, the ground due to their resistance. Ceiling LED lamps are more often used as a ceiling decorative element.
LED lighting is becoming a more important part of both interior and exterior. This type of light source is installed not only in modern lamps, but also in classical, or, for example, „Art Deco“ luminaires. That is why clients quickly start appreciating all LED advantages and choose this technology for their lighting, indoors or out. It is very important that LED lamps help to contribute to environmentally-friendly consumption. This technology is more commonly combined with renewable energy sources which help to ensure sustainable consumption ideas in our every day activities.
So if You are interested in LED lighting possibilities, are planning on choosing this type of lamps for Your home or other spaces, feel free to contact our lighting specialist team and we will gladly help You choose and implement Your lighting project in a way that all LED technology related possibilities would be used.

LED lighting in indoor spaces

With LED technology becoming more popular, a lot of attention being paid to sustainable consumption and quality, widely applied LED has become an inseparable part of almost every interior. It is a comfortable, high-quality, environmentally-friendly way to illuminate private or public spaces. Recessed LED ceiling lamps, LED stripes or other lamps of various types with this technology can be applied in almost all spaces. For example, LED panels can be the main light source in various spaces, LED wall lamps – complement lighting or help to create a special cozy feeling both indoors and out. LED stripes are widely used to light the furniture, stairs, ceilings or walls. This lighting can also be installed not only on the outside of the furniture, but, for example, in the closet. It is a very comfortable and safe way of illuminating shelves, dark nooks. LED stripes in open furniture can be used to light glass shelves.
When designing this type of lighting, it is important to evaluate technical properties and general state of the ceiling, wall, ground or other plain in which LED lighting is to be installed. Besides, one must not forget to consider the interior style in order for LED lighting to look perfectly and help to emphasize wanted interior details, unique design solutions.

Outdoor lighting using LED lamps

LED outdoor lamps perfectly help to not only illuminate the surroundings at the night time, but also to create a cozy, calm, safe feeling. During the holiday season colorful LED lamps create a joyful, vivid atmosphere. So besides their practical function, they also have an aesthetic one. Wall lamps can be an ornamental facade element, while garden or park lamps decorate the spaces not only at the night time.
LED outdoor lamps are widely applied to all types of lighting. House facade can be illuminated using accented lamps or forming a hidden lighting which only subtly shines on certain house details. Also, LED lamps can be used to illuminate petty architecture, for example, benches, gazebos, sculptures or other art installations. Both floor and mounted lamps are comfortably used in lighting garden or park paths, flowerbeds or even impressive fountains. Lamps can emit differently colored light, the lighting can be controled remotely or connected to smart house systems.
Outdoor lamps in which LED technology is used are outstanding with their functionality. Other important property they have is their resistance to various environmental factors (longevity). All lamps, suited to be used outside, are resistant to moist, but their resistance level may vary. It is important for LED technology to not overheat. Also – for power supply to be mounted in certain distances. It is extremely relevant when using LED stripes to create the lighting. When installing the electrical connection for outdoor luminaires, impeccable safety has to be assured, so that is why a product‘s parameters have to be considered in order not to cause any danger for oneself or others.

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