Daylight lamps


Daylight lamps ensure natural, cozy lighting and may be used both in home and public spaces. This kind of lighting is especially popular with offices and other minimalist work spaces. Daylight lamps in work spaces can be recessed in to the ceiling, this way assuring quality illumination and saving space. With this kind of lighting, it is crucial to correctly calculate the luminous flux needed, plan lamp placement. Our team‘s lighting specialists will gladly help you install this kind of lighting in your office or home.
At home, daylight lamps are great in home office or child‘s room, near work desks. Urban interior with minimalist shapes can even have these lamps in the dining or living room. Proper hood and regulation mechanism let one adjust light trajectory, concentrating it in one area. That is why daylight lamps are suitable for many different spaces. For example, daylight lamps work great on the mirrors, so they are quite common in make-up rooms, bathrooms. This kind of lighting can be installed over and near the mirror, avoiding unwanted reflections or shadows. That way you will be able to perform perfectly at tasks requiring bright and natural lighting.
We are ready to implement various lighting designs, offer unconventional decisions for both home and public spaces. We work hand in hand with interior designers and construction foremen across Lithuania. If you are looking for natural lighting for your home or other spaces, feel free to contact our team online or in any other way that is convenient. The contacts are provided below. You are also more than welcome to come to our shop in Kaunas old town. We will gladly consult you about your lighting design, adequate prices, technical properties and sustainable consumption.

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