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Kitchen lighting helps ensure convenient cooking, creating a cozy feeling at the same time. People tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it is crucial that the lighting would be designed in a way that would fit Your needs. Standard flat kitchens, spacious kitchens with separate food cooking islets or kitchens connected to the living room – spaces to cook in are very different, so, naturally, the lighting for them is designed individually.
The lamps used in the kitchen may be of different styles, but they are easily matched as there usually are not a lot of them. For example, pendants are installed together with recessed lamps or kitchen furniture‘s lighting which is made out of LED stripes. Style and aesthetics are important, but function is key in the kitchen lighting.
If you are looking for lighting decisions for the kitchen in your home or office or are installing a professional kitchen in a restaurant, feel free to contact our team and we will happily help you design the lighting, choose the lamps, consult about the prices and answer all questions you may have regarding your kitchen lighting.

What lamps are best for the kitchen?

Pendants, recessed lamps or LED stripes for kitchen cabinets go perfectly in the kitchen. Pendants or hanging accented lamps are chosen according to the kitchen interior, size of the area, ceiling height. If the kitchen is quite big or connected with the living room, lighting can help separate these spaces. Pendants also help making the ceiling seem higher.
Modern accented lamps, which are very convenient due to the possibility to adjust the luminous flux, are very common in the kitchen area, but they can not always provide the best lighting due to the shadow. That may be solved by installing LED stripes. They can be put under the cabinets, on the sides of cooking surfaces or in other planes, that way not only emphasizing the interior, but also illuminating the area perfectly.
If you are looking for lighting decisions for your home kitchen, are planning to install professional cooking spaces for a restaurant or a bar, or have questions about technical aspects, price and security requirements of any lamps, feel free to contact our team online on in any way that is the most convenient for you. The contacts are provided below.

Designing kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting is where aesthetics and function have to go hand in hand. Besides, it is important to foresee all possible environmental factors. That is done by communicating with the client, clarifying his or her needs, and, if possible, checking the area (or it‘s scheme) that is about to be illuminated.
The lamps in our catalog are of highest quality and security standards. They are made following the idea of sustainable consumption. Unique designer works, modern minimalist lamps or classic, fancy, with different shades – the array is vast. All of these can be used in transforming the standard, even boring spaces into something cozy, stylish and functional.
We want to remind You that lighting design is not only about lamps or their arrangement. Switches, sockets, other electrical devices have to meet the safety standards and be conveniently installed. Lighting systems may be connected to one „smart home“ system and be controlled from the distance with the help of an app.
Before designing your kitchen, we will listen to your ideas, share ours, take time to know Your needs and then base everything on precise measurements. Knowing what luminous flux is needed in which areas, we will then choose the lamps, ideally suited for your interior. We will answer all questions regarding installing the lamps, guarantee technical maintenance.
We love to collaborate with interior designers, furniture makers, contractors, as that is the only way to achieve the result that would satisfy the client the most. So, if You are looking for trustworthy lighting partners or are interested in designing a kitchen‘s lighting, feel free to contact our team. We would love to help You choose the lamps and all the equipment needed for Your perfect lighting.

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