Surface mounted lamps


Surface mounted lamps are ceiling lamps that are becoming more popular every day. They fit minimalistic, strict, urbanistic interiors perfectly. These lamps are easilly installed and widely used in private houses or public spaces. Surface mounted lamps are valued for their funcionality, but also as modern decorative elements, attached to the ceiling or the walls. Surface mounted lamps are easily matched to other types of lamps. They may be used as the main light source in various spaces, as these lamps come in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing is to calculate the proper amount of these lamps and to arrange them according to the size of their light flux and illuminated space.
All lamp models in our catalogue are sold with a power supply and other needed details. That is why lamp attachement, mounting and installation will not cause any additional problems. One of the main advantages of these kind of lamps is easy installation. They are attached to the surfaces – ceiling, beams, other stable constructions, walls. Also, surface mounted lamps can be connected to the smart house system or just be controlled remotely. That way the light intensity or even tones can be adjusted.
If You are looking for surface mounted lamps, feel free to contact our specialist team online or in any other way. The contacts are provided below. We will gladly help You choose the lamps, answer all questions regarding the price or technical properties. You are also welcomed to come to our salon in Kaunas old town.

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