Shopping rules

1.General provisions.

1.1. These sales rules (further Rules) are a mandatory legal instrument for both parties which establishes
online store customer (further Customer’s) and
online store (further Seller’s Lempa LT, 302651742, Palangos str. 16-1, Kaunas) rights and obligations, acquisition of goods and payment conditions, goods delivering and returning arrangements, responsibilities of both parties and other trade-related provisions that are associated with online store

1.2. Customer accepts these Rules with the order confirmation.

1.3. Contract is concluded between Customer and Seller after Customer forms shopping cart, specifies delivery address, selects payment method, meets the Rules and confirms order with the button click.

2. Protection of personal data.

2.1. Customer must specify correct personal data: name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number during registration if the customer wants to order item (-s) in the online store.

2.2. Customer is responsible for the correctness of specified personal data.

2.3. Customer agrees that his/her personal data will be processed for ordering purposes when a customer places the order.

2.4.Customer agrees that his/her personal data will be processed for direct marketing purposes when a customer places the order.

2.5. Customer undertakes not to disclose login data to third parties while signing up to the online store.

2.6. Seller undertakes not to disclose Customer’s personal data to third parties, excluding Sellers partners, who performs actions associated with proper execution of services, and when they are required by a competent public authority in the cases provided in LT laws and regulations or with separate customer‘s written agreement.

3. Customer‘s rights and obligations.

3.1.  Customer with order confirmation agrees to pay Seller agreed sum of money for ordered items and to accept the order.

3.2. Customer must cover the cost of re-delivery if Customer refuses to accept the delivery on time without any valid reason.

3.3. Customer must immediately update his/her changed personal data which were submitted in the registration form. The seller has the right to cancel the registration and delete data if customer provides inaccurate, false or misleading data.

3.4. Customer has the right to withdraw sales contract in accordance with rules in 8th paragraph.

4. Seller’s rights and obligations.

4.1. Seller undertake to provide all the conditions to Customer to use online store services which are provided in these Rules.

4.2. Seller has the right to restrict, suspend or revoke Customer access to use an online store without any notice if Customer is trying to harm the stability or safety of the online store or violate his/her obligations.

4.3. Seller undertakes to deliver Customer ordered items at his/her specified address.

4.4. Seller has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend online store work without prior notice.

4.5. Seller has the right to change Rules taking into consideration to LR laws and regulations without prior notice, consequently, customer at the time of each purchase meets new Rules with the order confirmation with the button click.

5. Ordering, price, payment agreements, terms.

5.1. Customer may order the item (-s) 7 days per week, 24 hours per day in the online store.

5.2. Customer may contact and consult using e-mail or phone during working hours if the customer has any questions regarding the item, payment, delivery, etc.

5.3. Customer may choose payment method:

5.3.1. using services of intermediary via

5.3.2. through the online bank transfer – the customer transfers a sum of money for the order to the account.

5.3.3. using payment cards.

5.4. Customer undertakes to pay for ordered items within 2 days from order confirmation otherwise order will be canceled.

5.5. Via indicated e-mail the Customer gets ordered items confirmation. Ordered items are being prepared and packed after payment confirmation except when the Customer picks his/her ordered items at the office.

6. Delivery.

6.1. Customer may choose the delivery method:

6.1.1. in Lithuania, order items are delivered by courier.

6.1.2. in Lithuania, order items are picked up at the office by the Customer.

6.1.3. abroad (Europe and US).

6.2. The delivery date is indicated for each item. Due to the manufacturer’s holidays, it can be prolonged to 30 d., but the total delivery time will be no longer than 80 d..

7. Items quality, warranty.

7.1. Items that are sold in online store information is presented in the item description.

7.2. Seller can provide an adequate quality guarantee for different types of items. Specific information is provided next to each item.

7.3 Items from the sale may be delivered in non-original packages.

8. Returns.

8.1. Returns of items take place in accordance by order Nr. 217 of LR Minister of Agriculture 2001 y. July 29 d. „On the return and exchange of goods rules approval”.

8.2. Cost of returned good quality or exchanged item must be paid by Customer.

8.3. Customer can return only those items which are not individually customized by the customer, i.e. items that are not standard, but based on customer‘s individual choices (color, size, etc.), except when items are defective.

8.4. Items can be returned or exchanged within 14 working days from the date of delivery. Customer must inform Seller about all returns or exchanges by e-mail attaching video file or picture which shows the defective item and filled item return-exchange form. The returned item must be delivered to the Lampa LT in Palangos str. 16-1, Kaunas.

8.5. Item which is returned or exchanged must be in its original ordering packaging, not damaged, not used, equipped as Customer received, must have the marketable appearance, i.e. label must not be damaged, the protective film must not be removed and so on. It is obligatory to provide a receipt or a copy. If the returned items meet the return conditions, the money for the items is transferred to the Buyer’s account within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the items. Delivery costs are not reimbursed.

8.6. Seller has the right not to accept Customer returned or exchanged items if Customer does not comply with these rules 8.4-8.5.

8.7. Items from the sale can not be returned or exchanged.

9. Marketing.

9.1. Seller may organize various promotions and offers in the online store.

9.2. Seller has the right unilaterally without prior notice to change or cancel conditions for ongoing promotions and offers. All condition changes and cancelations for ongoing promotions and offers are valid from the changing or cancelation moment.

10. Final provisions

10.1. These sales Rules are formed on the basis of LR laws and regulations.

10.2. All disagreements arising from the enforcement of these Rules are settled by negotiation between parties. If parties are unable to agree, disagreements are resolved on the basis of LR laws and regulations.

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