LED lighting


LED (light emitting diode) lighting is based on light diode technology. Indoor or outdoor lighting can not be imagined without this technology. It evolving helps both lamp creators and lighting specialists to make the most different and unexpected ideas come true. Lamps with LED are resistant and energy saving. They do not harm the environment and allow You to accomplish all ideas related to sustainable consumption.
LED lighting works great in private spaces, for example, a flat or a public, even industrial space. Because of it‘s resistance to various environmental factors, LED technology are widely used not only in interiors, but also in outdoor lamps. Wall LED lamps are used to illuminate facades of various buildings. LED installations are used to decorate home gardens and public spaces on holidays. If You are looking for help designing this type of lighting, are interested in technical properties, price of the lamps, feel free to contact our specialist team and we will gladly help You choose the lamp, give advice on their installation process.

Where is LED lighting usually installed?

Indoor LED lighting has become an inseparable interior detail. It is a convienient, high-quality and environmentally friendly way to illuminate spaces both indoors and out. LED lighting in the ceiling or other lamps of this kind can be used in all spaces: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway. It may be the main light source in the living or dining room or an additional light source to light up furniture in the same space. Also LED stripes may be used not only on the outside of the furniture, but also in closets. It is a convenient and safe way to illuminate shelves, dark corners. LED stripes in open furniture are used to illuminate glass shelves. This type of technology may be used in very different areas of an interior. With the help of lighting professionals, all client‘s or interior deigner‘s ideas can be implemented.
When designing this kind of lighting, it is important to evaluate the properties and technical state of the ceiling, wall, floor or other plains in which LED lighting is to be installed. Contact our team and we will help You design and install lighting not only in home but also public spaces, as well as outdoors, near the house or other buildings.

Pros and cons of LED lighting

LED lighting is is constantly evolving and a lot of truths that surrounded the disadvantages of LED lighting are now becoming myths. Steep price, unclear effect for health and environment, narrow lighting space and similar problems were quickly solved. This technology is more and more affordable to general public, so it is widely used in interior and exterior lighting. It is important to properly install this kind of lighting, make sure that the lamps would not overheat as it decreases the level of performance of a LED lamp. Lamp makers whose lamps can be found in our catalogue, solved all LED related troubles, and we help our customers to properly design and install a lighting that is functional, stylish and environmentally friendly.
LED lighting will create a cozy and safe feeling, while lamps of different types will become a great part of interior or exterior. Regulated LED lighting may be connected to smart home systems. Feel free to contact our team online or in any other convenient way, or come to our salon in Kaunas old town, where You will find a contantly renewed LED luminaires exposition.

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