Smeared up


Smeared up lamps are installed deeply inside the walls or ceiling. That way they become a harmonious interior detail, help create coziness in private or public spaces. The mounting space has to be prepared in advance for these kind of lamps. It‘s parameters are written in the lamp‘s specification. Mounted lamp is smeared up and it‘s surface is painted any color wanted. Smeared up lamps may be of various sizes and shapes. The most popular ones are square and round. Smeared up lamps with no frame are great for both commercial and private spaces.
A lamp that is mounted into the ceiling projects it‘s light flux straight down. The light source may be integrated deeply in the ceiling, ensuring a better lighting comfort. These types of lamps use LED technology, so a high-quality flux is guaranteed. If You are planning this type of lighting, You will not be able to do so without professional help. Contact „Lempa“ team regarding lighting design, installation or retail price.

What are the advantages of smeared up lamps?

Smeared up lamps do not have a frame, so they are easily fitted into any interior. They are usually used as an additional light source, but they can also illuminate quite big spaces in private houses or commercial areas. In these type of lamps LED technology is used, so maximum efficiency and longevity are achieved.

How to install a smeared up lamp?

If the ceiling ar walls have enough space for this kind of lamp, the mounting spaces have to be taken care of in advance. This way, attaching and installing will not be complicated and the only thing left will be to smear the lamp up and paint the surface.

How do smeared up lamps shine?

Frameless lamps are mounted both in the ceilings and walls. Their light flux is projected down. A special feeling of coziness can be achieved, emphasising the interior spaces or certain architectural solutions.
Feel free to call, contact „Lempa“ team online or come to our salon in Kaunas. We will gladly help you design the lighting and advice on how to install smeared up lamps.

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