Directed, accented luminaires


Directed lamps are widely used as they can not only be attached to the ceiling, but also to walls or other plains from which certain spaces can be illuminated. It is not difficult to adjust the lighting angle of accented lamps, to regulate light intensity using lamp shade and strength of a chosen light source.
Accented lamps are perfectly used in home or public spaces where light has to be concentrated, a certain activity is carried out or some details are in need to be emphasized. Also, these kind of lamps are used to illuminate work spaces, shop windows, interior or exterior details.
Accented lighting is more oftenly seen in modern interiors. One may say that this type of lighting came from commercial spaces to the private ones – living, dining rooms. In order for this lighting to not only be stylish but also functional, You should leave this to the professionals. Our team gladly cooperates with interior designers and private clients who want to install directed, accented lighting.

Designing directed lighting

This type of lighting is very functional, as the lighting direction and angle can be quickly and easily adjusted. These lamps are also easily matched to other types of lamps. One would definitely need professional help to do that. Both modern and classical interiors are more often livened up with elements of directed lighting, as these lamps are functional and serve as an interior detail well.
Ceiling directed lamps also help to save space, as they can be attached directly to the ceiling. If earlier ceiling or directed lamps were used only to illuminate shop windows or other public spaces, then now accented lighting systems are becoming an inseparable part of a modern interior.
Both private and public spaces usually use LED accented lamps. They do not harm the environment, while LED technology emits a very natural light which does not negatively affect art pieces or other illuminated details. Also, directed lamps are continuously more often used in exterior. Our offered products comply with all quality and safety requirements, are resistant, so they will serve You for a long time. If You have any questions regarding lighting design, feel free to contact our team in any convenient way.

Installation of accented, directed lamps

Attachment, mounting and installation of accented lamps depends on a lamp model and what level of functionality is required. Static accented lamps will be attached to the ceiling the same way as usual ceiling lamps. Lamps that have a direction regulatory mechanism can not only be attached to the ceiling, but also to the walls or other plains. Tracks are often used for that. They do not only work as holders, but they can also let these lamps change position easily. Feel free to contact our team online or in any convenient way. We will gladly help You with anything regarding lamp installation, price of lamps and additional details, help You install even the most challenging accented lamp designs in private or public spaces.

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