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Interior lighting is not only a direct function, but also an important decorative style detail. With light technologies evolving, indoor lamps change their shapes, become more resistant and energy saving, their batteries are lasting. Sustainable consumption ideas are closely related to improving lighting. A great example is LED (light emitting diode) lighting which is based on light diode technology and is more commonly used in interior lighting.
Lighting design is a separate branch of home interior, as it is important for emphasizing room details and creating a certain mood. That is, living room will definitely be illuminated differently from a bedroom or bathroom. The choice of lamps, electrical connection and installation of other important electrical elements depend on it. Interior lighting is matched to the most dominant style. Customer‘s wishes and hygiene, health normative are also important. Indoor lighting is designed according to sources of natural light and their arrangement. Light intensity which is calculated according to the activities carried out in different rooms, depends on that. Our specialist team will quickly and professionaly evaluate and advise on what lighting to choose, what lamps would look best in Your interior. We will gladly take care of all lighting design and installation matters. Feel free to contact us in any convenient way or come to our salon in Kaunas old town. The contacts are provided below.

Lamp types and application in interior

Lamps for private houses or flats are usually chosen differently for separate spaces: for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom or a kid‘s room. Lamps can help to separate different spaces, make the ceiling seem higher, etc. Different light flux is set in different office premises: work spaces, meeting rooms, leisure zones. Lighting in other public spaces also has certain previously decided functions, and lamps can be an important style detail. When designing indoor lighting and choosing the lamps, it is good to know that indoor lamps may be of several types:
• Attached to the ceiling;
• Pendants;
• Floor lamps;
• Desk lamps;
• Recessed lamps;
• Built-in lamps.

Professional advice and help is crucial as different types of lamps have different properties. Their mounting and installation also differ. Besides, the right lamp coordination is also extremely important for quality lighting. Most common interior lighting mistakes are related to this.
For example, pendants in interior usually work as the main light source. It is not uncommon to think that they only look well in premises with high ceilings. That is only partially correct, as exactly they can help the ceiling look higher, making the room seem more spacious. Torchieres in interior can also have even several functions. They are great as an additional light source, and are appreciated for their mobility. Floor lamps do not require additional electrical connection or switches. An electrical socket installed conveniently is enough. The selection of floor lamps in our catalogue is vast. Torchieres work perfectly in modern, scandinavian interiors, or in classical or even luxurious, splendid and exceptional decorativeness. Unorthodox shapes are more and more commonly used as an outstanding interior detail, providing the house with playfulness, at the same time helping to separate different room zones.
Wall lamps are perfect in bedroom or bathroom. They are suited for mirror lighting or as an additional light source near the bed. BRA lamps are comfortably applied for reading areas. Desk lamps in interior usually light a work desk or zone where an activity requiring a concentrated light flux is carried out.

LED lighting in interior

LED lighting in interior can be classified as an independent type of lighting. Despite a lot of previously mentioned lamps using LED technology, LED stripes or panels are also widely applied in interiors – from illuminating ceiling, walls, work spaces, shelves or even stairs. A vast application of LED technology lets almost all lighting ideas come true. Recessed lamps in interiors help to save space, illuminate zones requiring a perfectly concentrated lighting, for example, kitchen surfaces. Designing recessed lamps in interior it is important to consider that additional spaces in the plains where these will be installed are going to be needed.
So if You are looking for quality indoor lighting solutions, feel free to contact „Lempa“ team online and we will quickly come to You with an optimal offer.
We suggest favourable terms of cooperation for architects and designers – we consult about choosing the equipment, prepare an estimate, alternative suggestions according to different budgets. Most importantly – we always find a professional lighting solution for Your projects.

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