LED stripes


LED (light emitting diode) – light diode technology is one of the most advanced and popular lighting technologies. It is great for homes, differently sized and used public spaces. LED stripes can be hermetic and very resistant, so that is why they are often used both indoors and out.
One must not forget that LED stripes work best as an additional light source. It does not matter if classical, „Art Deco“, modern or mixed lamps are dominant in the environment, LED stripes can be easily matched to them. It can be installed in the ceiling, walls, floor, or, for example, stairs. This type of lighting may be controlled remotely, changing it‘s intensity and choosing wanted colors. Also, LED lighting is valued for it‘s energy saving qualities and complying to sustainable consumption ideas.
Although if the lighting is faulty designed, for example, electrical transformators chosen are too weak, disturbances or even failures can occur – the lighting will function poorly, will not be integral. „Lempa“ team will gladly help You take care of all lighting planing, design and installation matters. Feel free to contact us online, by phone or by coming to our salon in Kaunas.

What needs to be known when installing LED stripes lighting?

Besides LED stripe installation not being a complicated process, one must note that in order for this lighting to function properly, a certain set is needed: a frame, electrical regulator, transformator, also – energy supply, sometimes even an amplifier. Despite the fact that theoretically the length of a LED stripe is not limited, it is important to know and consider light diode energy supply in order for all stripes to light evenly and not overheat.
Our professional team will gladly answer all Your questions. If You are looking for a LED stripe online, feel free to contact us online and we will gladly explain how installation, attachment and mounting of this type of lighting is performed, what types of LED lamps there are and the difference in prices.

What kinds of LED stripes are there?

LED stripes are valued for their versatility, a quite easy installation. One can hear comparisons of this technology to a constructor, as various LED stripes can help to implement even the most ingenious lighting solutions both indoors and out. In order to maximally use all advantages of LED technology, stripe specifications have to be matched according to many factors: what function this lighting will perform, in what space it will be installed, what possible environmental effect is.
LED stripes may be hermetic or not, they may be cut (only possible lengths differ), flexible. Some may have a special sticker which can help attach those directly to a wanted surface. We suggest You consider that certain aluminum profiles are recommended for mounting this type of lighting. Aluminum is a good thermal conductor, and crystals used in LED technology emit some warmth. The profile is needed not only to stabilize it or improve it‘s aesthetic properties, but is also a certain waranty that a LED stripe will serve longer.
Stripes emitting light of warm or cold tones may be chosen, they may also be of different colors: red, blue, green, yellow. It is important to notice the light angle of a LED stripe. „Lempa“ specialists will gladly tell You about all specifications. If You have any questions regarding functionality of LED stripes, installation, required details, feel free to contact us in any convenient way.

Where are LED stripes usually used?

LED stripes can perform different functions in interior or exterior spaces. For example, LED stripes can be used as ornamental details for furniture. Despite them usually being decorative and used as additional light sources, they may also help to solve various cabinet, mirror illumination problems in a kitchen or bathroom. Also, this type of lighting is more commonly used in saunas, as LED stripes are very resistant to temperature fluctuations and moist. That is why it is a great solution when wanting to create a cozy and functional lighting.
LED stripes can be installed to create a hidden lighting, that is – only a reflection of light, not a direct light would be seen. Skirting boards, ceiling or wall niches or, for example, to illuminate shelves in a closet – LED application is wide, the only important thing is to match it to other light sources of the room and the most dominant style.
Feel free to to contact our team online and we will gladly help You regarding all lighting design matters.

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