BRA lamps


BRA lamp is a wall lamp made out of one or few branches holding the shade. BRA lamps are used in various spaces and usually serve as an additional light source. That is why it is very important to match them to other luminaires, both by style and light lux spread.
In our catalogue You can find lamps with different shades, holders, regulatory mechanisms thanks to which BRA lamps can change height and distance from the wall easily. Classical, modern, or, for example, luxurious „Art Deco“ lamps look great in various interiors, they are functional and easily installed.
If You are looking for unique BRA lamps, have questions regarding the price or technical properties, feel free to contact our team of lighting specialists online or in any convenient way. We will gladly help you choose the lamps and design the lighting in Your home or other spaces.

What are the advantages of BRA lamps?

BRA wall lamps are very functional and help to make premises more luxurious and unique. Wall lamps are used as an additional light source, but they are exactly what creates a special cozy feeling. BRA lamp with a shade that allows the luminous flux to be directed or concentrated on a certain area may be used for reading, to illuminate a work desk or be used in the bathroom as a light source near the mirror.
Also, wall lamps can have quite long branches and a regulatory mechanism to change the lighting distance from a certain area. That is why wall lamps can illuminate spaces that are farther from the wall. BRA lamps have switches on their base, so if this kind of lamp is installed in a bedroom, no additional switches ar needed.
BRA lamps are used in the living rooms, bedrooms, hallways. They can create a special cozy mood in cafes, restaurants or other similar spaces. The light angle of this lamp can be comfortably adjusted, so a wall lamp may even become the only light source in the room.
In our catalogue a vast selection of BRA lamps can be found, so they can be easily matched to Your interior and other luminaires. Feel free to contact our lighting specialists and we will gladly help You choose the right lamp.

How to choose a BRA wall lamp?

BRA wall lamps mainly function as an additional light source. It is crucial to combine this function perfectly with aesthetics and the interior. In order for the wall lamp to meet all Your needs, precise calculations are needed to evaluate an optimal light flux, the influence of other light sources, possible environmental factors, safety. Our lighting specialists‘ team will gladly help You do that.
When choosing a BRA wall lamp, consider the space where it will be installed. A little bit of space is needed for this kind of lamp to work properly and reach the maximum aesthetic effect, as it will be a bit farther from the wall. It should not be blocked by furniture, house plants or other interior elements. It is also important to think about the function. If You need a lamp with an adjustable light flux and it‘s direction, then accented wall lamps with regulatory mechanism would work great for You. If a lamp is thought of more as a stylish detail, then it should be matched with the style of Your home, the lamps should be arranged in the way that would make the luminaires look good both in daytime and at night, when they shine.
We offer a great selection of BRA lamps. We cooperate with lamp makers from all over the world, so if You are looking for unique lighting solutions and highest quality, feel free to contact us in any way or come to our salon in Kaunas old town. The contacts are provided below.

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