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Facade lighting is one of the newest and more prevalent tendencies in lighting design. To illuminate the facade from the outside, wall lamps are usually used. They can be classical or modern, or the lighting may be formed with LED stripes. Lighting of dwelling houses or other buildings provides the environment with a feeling of coziness and safety, helps to accent unique exterior details.
Facade lamps are very resistant. When designing the lighting, not only warm or cold tones, but also different colors can be chosen. The latter may change, and the whole system of facade lighting may be controlled with smart home system or remotely, with a smartphone app.
All facade lighting tendencies, technical possibilities, prices of these type of lighting projects and other important questions can be talked over with the specialists of our team. Feel free to contact us online or in any other convenient way. The contacts are provided below.

What lamps are best for facade lighting?

Outdoor wall lamps are great for facade lighting. These type of lamps can be used near private houses, outdoor terraces, saunas or other buildings. Various outdoor wall lamps help illuminate public buildings with the most different facades – from luxuriously decorated to minimalisticly metalic ar tinned.
Accented spotlights, installed or just put on the ground, can also be used to light the facade. This type of lighting is used to illuminate large objects, for example, churches or castles.
Outdoor wall lamps may be of different sizes, their shades may be of various shapes, their illuminated space may also be different. That is why, when choosing the lamp for Your facade, the exterior of the building, installment properties, aesthetics, all heritage requirements, etc. have to be taken into account.
If You are planning on installing the facade lighting and have any questions about their technical parameters, other properties and are looking for the lamps of highest quality, feel free to contact our team and we will gladly help You.

How to choose a facade lamp?

When choosing a facade lamp, the building‘s exterior, it‘s technical parameters and style have to be evaluated. This does not only determine the type of the lighting, but also the number and size of the lamps. Lamp design is matched to the most dominant architectural style, and the lighting is installed according to all safety and possible architectural heritage requirements.
Also, possible effect to the environment has to be considered. Outdoor lamps in our catalogue are very resistant, but in order to have a lasting lighting, environmental factors have to be thought of. LED technology is not only resistant, but also helps to save even a dozen times more energy. That is why, considering technical parameters and sustainable consumption ideas, we recommend choosing LED facade lighting.
If You have any questions about outdoor lighting or facade lighting design, contact our team online or in any convenient way.

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