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Facade lighting is not only important to private home owners, but also for urbanistics’ specialists, taking care of newly built or renovated building’s facade lighting. Lighting is becoming a more important aspect in both function and aesthetics. Properly designed facade lighting helps to create a feeling of coziness and safety. Also, it helps to accent architectural solutions, facade decorative elements, entrances to buildings. Outdoor lamps, matched to the exterior, may become a stylish and ornamental detail themselves.
Facade lighting may be designed using several types of outdoor lamps. The most popular lamps for facade lighting are LED wall lamps. They can be of different sizes, shapes, emit light of different warmth. Modern outdoor lamps look great with modern architecture. The same goes with classic outdoor luminaires. Lamps that may be called a modern classic can also be found in our catalogue. That way we make sure all outdoor lighting ideas are implemented perfectly, all facade advantages would be emphasised and lamps ideally match with the exterior and other important elements of the environment.
Using LED lamps in outdoor lighting enables sustainable consumption, as these lamps help save up to dozen times more energy than, for example, halogen. Lamps may be attached to the facade. Accented outdoor luminaires are recessed into the ground. LED stripes and special spotlights may also be used to illuminate the facade.
Despite our outdoor luminaires being very resistant, complying to all sustainable consumption ideas, safe and functional, it takes a lot of professional knowledge to prepare an outdoor lighting project. It is important to not only choose the right lamps, but also to precisely calculate what light flux would be the most optimal and how to install the lighting according to all safety and environmental requirements. So if You are planning to install an ideal facade lighting, contact our specialist team and we will gladly help You choose the lamps, design and install the lighting and make sure it would serve You for the years to come. Contact us or come to our salon in Kaunas old town. The contacts are provided below.

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