Lamps with fans


Lamps with fans are a multi-functional solution which can become a stylish interior detail. Usually this type of pendants are used in spaces where additional air mixing is needed and ordinary ventilators are not used in order to save space. These hanging ventilator lamps are great in bars, cafes or other similar public spaces. Also – in living rooms. They can be fitted into the interior and other types of lamps as these luminaires are usually installed as a decorative lighting. Then, in order to fully illuminate the premises, additional light sources are needed, for example, wall or floor lamps.
Lamps with fans are easily controled, their light source may be static or with a regulatory function, when the light is directed wherever wanted. The fan mechanism can have several regimes. It is a practical choice, and if it is properly matched with the interior – a stylish detail in a private or public interior.

Where can a lamp with fan be used?

Spacious offices, bars or dwelling lofts can practically use these lamps. Apart from their aesthetic qualities, they are also very functional. This lamp is a great choice on a hot summer day, as the fan attached near the ceiling mixes the air great. Ventilator lamp can also be a stylish detail, because it usually is quite large and attracts attention. The only thing to consider is the lamp‘s height, so it would not become a threat to it‘s environment.
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