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The diversity of wall lamps lets You choose the best lamp that suits Your environment. It is important as these lamps are usually used as an additional source of light and are matched to other lamps. Home wall lamps embellish bedrooms and bathrooms. They also work great in hallways, staircases. In public spaces, indoor wall lamps are used in stairways or to accent certain interior details, create coziness.
In „Lempa“ catalogue you can find wall lamps of modern and unique designs. They will not only help you light the premises, but also become an exclusive interior detail. The most advanced LED technology is used in these lamps, and their metal or plastic bases are made out of materials of highest quality. You can choose from several types of lamps according to their function, design, price limit, and our professional team will gladly help you decide which solution is the most optimal for You.

How to choose an indoor wall lamp?

Since wall lamps usually play an additional light source‘s role, it‘s design has a big impact to the choice. Recessed wall lamps are prominent in bathrooms, for example, near the mirrors. They are completely resistant to moist or temperature fluctuations. Modern and classical wall lamps help minimally illuminate the space and create a cozy feeling in hallways, staircases. If You are looking for a lamp to hang near the bed in Your bedroom, You should probably consider lamps with more possible functions.

What functions do indoor wall lamps have?

If the light is needed for reading, the best choice are directed lamps. Their mechanism and shade will let You regulate the direction of flux and it‘s intensity. Wall lamp‘s height is calculated taking into account the height of both bed and room. Lamps with a string or other convenient mechanism to turn the lamp on and off may be attached near the bedside tables.
If a wall lamp is used as an interior detail, then, depending on the interior, one may choose luxurious crystal or glass wall luminaires, „Art Deco“ or strict minimalistic lamps of different sizes. The selection of lamps in our „Lempa“ catalogue is particularly wide, and our professional team will quickly evaluate and advise you on which lamp to choose to achieve an optimal funcionality.

What kinds of wall lamps are there?

The selection of wall lamps is enormous, while in domestic or public spaces lamps that are attached straight on the wall are usually installed. These lamps, combined with pendants or floor lamps provide the interior with special and cozy spacious feeling.
Lamp shades may also be placed farther from the wall, the direction of their light can be regulated. Also, You can set (manually or with an app) a different light intensity, according to the time of day.
Original lamp designs are fitted in various spaces. Wall lamps are especially decorative. They can perfectly combine chromed metal, aluminum, glass, plastic or even crystal.
Wall lamps are great in illuminating paintings or other art pieces, but now they tend to look like modern art works themselves. In „Lempa“ catalogue we offer exclusive and high-quality products, which use the most advanced lighting technologies and stick to sustainable consumption principals. Feel free to call, contact our team online or visit our salon.

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