Luminescent lamps


Luminescent lamps are also called industrial, because they are the most prevalent in various industrial spaces or public areas, where the lighting has to be as natural as possible, at the same time remaining quite bright and energy saving. This kind of lighting design begins with precise calculations, so the areas would be illuminated perfectly, and people would feel comfortable carrying out their activities there. Luminescent lamps may also be useful in domestic environment,- for example, in home office or kitchen. Recessed luminescent lamps can find their place in lighting up the cabinets or working surfaces. They ensure the quality of lighting and help illuminate the spaces properly. If earlier we would only see this kind of lighting in shopping malls or other huge public spaces, now the shift in tendencies is clearly visible, as this „industrial lighting“ can be subtly found in various domestic spaces, for example, lofts. Luminescent pendants or recessed lamps can be a great way to brighten up Your home.
Recessed lamps help save space, they are also easily fitted in with different lamps. It is crucial to make sure that the strength of luminous flux, the height of the installation and distance between the lamps would all be calculated thoroughly. Luminescent lamps may have luminous flux regulatory mechanisms, helping change the angle. Some wall luminescent lamps have an on-off switch attached to their corps, so no additional switches are needed.
After turning this kind of lamp on you may notice that it takes some time to start working properly. That is why we do not suggest putting luminescent lamps where the light is constantly turned on and off, for example, in the halls or stairways, unless that is the place where the light is always turned on. In this case, luminescent lights would be a great choice as not only do they shine bright, but they also conserve energy.
If you have any questions about the lighting design and are interested in a possibility to use luminescent lamps, feel free to contact our team online or in any other way that is the most convenient for you. The contacts are provided below. We will gladly make the calculations, consult about the price, resistance, sustainable consumption and help choose the best lamp for Your home or office spaces.

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