LED outdoor lamps


LED outdoor lamps are widely applied to all types of lighting, as they are extremely resistant to various environmental factors, can emit different tones of light. LED stripes outdoors help to implement many decoration ideas for a house or it‘s surroundings. Also, LED lamps help to illuminate petty architecture, garden or park paths, flowerbeds or even impressive fountains. Outdoor lamps can be attached to the ceiling, be hanging, wall, floor or desk. All types of lamps can have LED light source.
LED outdoor lamps do not only illuminate the environment at the night time, but also create a cozy, calm, safe feeling. Colorful LED lamps create a joyful atmosphere during the holidays. So, besides their practical function they also have an aesthetic one. Wall lamps can be an ornamental facade detail, garden or park lamps – decorate the spaces with their shapes.
LED outdoor lamps are used to illuminate buildings, surroundings, paths, driveways. Also – entrances to the buildings, terraces, balconies. LED stripes can be used to illuminate the walls or roofs. They can emphasize silhouettes, architectural solutions. So, LED outdoor lamps are outstanding with their funcionality. Other important property they have is resistance to environmental factors (longevity). All lamps that are suited to be used outside will be resistant to moist, but the level of their resistance may vary. It is important to avoid overheating in LED lamps. Also – for their power supply to be installed in proper distances. It is especially relevant when installing LED stripe lighting. When installing electrical connection for outdoor lamps, it is important to consider the product‘s parameters in order not to cause any danger for oneself and the others.

Lighting ideas using LED technology

Facade lighting is one of the main tendencies in outdoor lighting. Facade lighting is usually made using wall LED lamps. They can be classical, modern or the illumination can be formed using LED stripes. Wall lamps or spotlight LED lamps are used for facade. They can help to illuminate differently sized walls, accent some facade details, sculptures, other decorative elements.
LED lamps can not only be attached to the walls, but also recessed into the ground or stairs. Ground lighting can be installed in private gardens, illuminate driveways, paths or public parks. Recessed LED outdoor lamps can light benches, flowerbeds, art installations. LED stripes are not only popular outdoors during the holiday season. But if You want Your home illuminated only during the holidays, LED garlands can be left outside even for the whole year, as temperature fluctuations do not threaten their technical properties. All types of outdoor LED lamps are resistant to various environmental factors, so they quickly became popular in outdoor lighting design. Also, this technology enables one to choose not only a warmer or colder shade, but also a different color lighting. Using lighting control systems, lighting colors can be adjusted, and the whole facade or other outdoor space lighting system can be controlled using smart home system or remotely, for example, with a smart phone.

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