Room illumination


Room illumination is designed considered a lot of criteria: the size of the room, the activity usually carried out there, the most dominant interior style, whether any natural light sources are present, if yes, then what their arrangement is, etc. Room lighting calculations are done togehter with interior design, as usually not only places for lamps have to be decided, but also additional spaces for some type of lamps have to be formed. Room lighting ideas using LED technology have become easily implemented, and after evaluating all technical parameters the most different lighting solutions can be created and applied.
Room lighting has recently started being deisgned considering sustainable consumption ideas. Also, using smart technologies. Home lighting can be connected to a common system which is regulated with a smart app. It helps to maximally save energy, comfortably control lighting intensity, turning it on and off, colours. Smart house solutions are usually related to controlling electrical devices, so it is not a surprise that lighting is an area where they are primarily implemented.
Room lighting design has to perfectly match it‘s environment, so a lot of attention is paid to luminaire style, shape, colours. It is important to always remember that lamps of different types should be matched together. If, for example, pendants are used as the main light source, then additional sources – floor, wall, desk or other – have to be chosen according to the main ones. If You are looking for room lighting solutions, feel free to contact our specialist team online or in any other way. The contacts are provided below. You are also welcome to come to our salon in Kaunas old town, where You will find constantly renewed luminaire expositions and new ideas for Your room lighting.

How to choose room lighting?

Interior designers and lighting specialists will help You choose room lighting. In our catalogue we offer all types of lamps that suit both modern and classical interiors. We also cooperate with lamp makers from all over the world, and most of them make exceptional desicions when creating lamp designs.
Lighting home office or, for example, a child‘s room where a lot of activities that require a bright and concentrated lighting are carried out, is designed based on certain requirements. If one wants the work to be comfortable to perform, the light to be balanced and it‘s excess or deficiency would not negatively affect the sight and overall well-being, then proper lamps and light sources have to be chosen. They emit the right light flux at the right angle. For instance, living room or bedroom lighting has a lot less strict rules. In these rooms the focus is on aesthetic lighting properties, lamps become an important interior detail. Of course, there are some lighting rules that have to be followed in these rooms as well.
There are some spaces in a home where lighting has to be thoroughly chosen considering a possible environmental effect. A great example is bathroom lighting, as in this exact space lamps have to be installed in a way that their contact with water or moist would not be dangerous for people. Also, types of lighting that are resistant to moist or temperature fluctuations are chosen in the bathroom. So, when planning the lighting and choosing the lamps, consider all mentioned aspects, and if You are looking for professional lighting solutions, we will gladly give You advice and help You choose.

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