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Lighting design is our area of expertise. After many years of practice, we can help You with everything from consulting to making the biggest projects come true. Lighting arrangement is very important both in creating an interior and forming exterior spaces. One of the first step in designing private homes, flats, modern work spaces, shops, restaurants, leisure or other spaces is the development of lighting ideas. Both inside and outside spaces have to be illuminated perfectly, so the best aesthetic, functional qualities and coziness would be achieved.
Proper lighting is crucial for emotional and physical health. It is one of our most communicated ideas, along with sustainable consumption, which is essential in modern lighting design. It does not matter if a small bedroom or a parking lot in a big shopping mall has to be illuminated – it all starts from small ideas and real work making them come true.
Despite the internet or specialized brochures being overflown with information about illumination, individual lighting project that You will receive from our professionals is exactly what You need to perform all lighting-related tasks perfectly. If You are interested in a flat or house illumination project or are looking for someone to pursue ideas in exterior or public space lighting, feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to help You.

How does lighting planning work?

Clients usually contact us already having an idea or looking for creative and different – although still effective – lighting decisions. Then comes the detailed analysis, as there are many factors to evaluate: environment (if the lights are going to be installed outside or inside, what the environmental factors will be, etc.), particular spaces (how much natural light there is, what quality and technical abilities are of the ceilings, walls and all surfaces that lamps are going to be attached to), all other factors that are important to both installing the lighting and it‘s functioning later. Then precise calculations are performed, lamps that meet all the requirements (style, quality, fitting into the space) are chosen.
It is clear that lighting design is a complex work, composed from technical knowledge, experience, communication, mutual understanding and ability to not only get along well with the clients, but also those who perform the tasks – contractors. Our team starts our work with consultation, object and it‘s schemes analysis. We take care of all documents needed, communicate with interior designers and contractors, so we overlook the lighting project from A to Z.

What are the advantages of team?

You can come to our shop in Kaunas at Your convenience and not only talk to our specialists, but also take a look at our constantly renewed lamp exposition, see our catalog with luminaires from all over the world. It is much easier to cultivate and purify ideas this way, and if there comes a shortage of thought, we will gladly share our knowledge on the most recent lighting tendencies. Our team members constantly attend various seminar in both Lithuania and abroad, interact with lamp creators from across the globe. We love sharing our knowledge on inside and outside lighting with our clients.

What are lighting design tendencies?

Ilumination is a very important element of planning a house, an office or other public inside or outside space, because one could hardly imagine any space or any activities there without proper lighting. One of the main tendencies is related exactly to people realizing this and starting taking care of their lighting and all related elements in advance. They give it a lot of attention, funds and trust their lighting professionals.
Talking about luminaire styles and their trends, we noticed that more and more original projects are coming to life. Of course, LED technology is one of the main reasons for that, along with various techniques to ensure functionality, safety and lower prices. Lamps are getting new shapes, but classic is still not forgotten. A great example of modern classic is recently widely discovered spotlight type of lamp, which used to be more prominent in shop windows, but now can be found in houses, for example, a modern flat with high ceilings. It‘s space is perfect for this accented type of lighting.
Outside lamps usually become stylish facade details, which in the night time perform their main function – illuminating the facade, creating a cozy feeling and emphasizing original architectural decisions. Remote house lighting control systems are a quickly evolving area. They help connect both outside and inside lamps and control them even from the distance, using only an app in one‘s mobile phone. It is all connected to sustainable consumption. Energy saving, using renewable energy, energetic independence not only in region or a country, but also Your community or a private home are aspects that also are closely related to lighting design and it‘s future prospects. More and more often things that used to be possible only in theory, come to life in practice.

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