Bathroom lighting


Bathroom lighting is designed to create a calm atmosphere, at the same time being bright enough. Maximal resistance to environmental factors – moist, temperature fluctuations – is one of the main factors required from a bathroom lamp. Recently bathroom lighting ideas have been implemented using wall or ceiling lamps. Small bathroom‘s illumination is designed to save space, so recessed lamps, LED panels are perfect for that. Lighting a more spacious bathroom can have a bigger variety of luminaires, for example, floor lamps separate different zones of the premise. Luminaires in a spacious bathroom may become an important style detail.
Several types of lamps are usually combined in the bathroom. Luminous flux is usually soft, creating a cozy, relaxed feeling. It is important to properly design bathroom lighting, take care not only of lamp arrangement, but also of their power supply, switches, isolated electrical sockets. Cooperating with interior designers and contractors we install bathroom lighting for it to perform all functions at the same time creating a cozy environment, illuminate certain details, separate zones which are wanted to be emphasized.
Feel free to contact our team online or in any other way and we will gladly help You choose the lamp, consult about the price, design their arrangement.

Ideas for illuminating separate bathroom spaces

Choice of the lamps, their arrangement and general lighting project is usually affected by the size fo the bathroom. Also – the most dominant style, materials used in the interior. Both in small and spacious bathrooms some zones which can be illuminated differently stand out. It is important for the lamps to fit together, look good in bathroom‘s interior.
Built-in ceiling lamps, mounted into gypsum ceiling, are often used in the bathroom, as well as LED panels. Bathroom ceiling lighting may be shaped using LED stripes. If a few-stepped ceiling is formed, then LED stripes may emphasize their silhouette, create a hidden lighting. It is important to make sure their power supply is properly installed and isolated, LED stripes shine evenly and are installed in a way their elements will not overheat. One other important aspect when planning a bathroom lighting is illuminating the mirror. This interior element is inseparable from the bathroom. When designing the lighting, it is important to make sure the light is as natural as possible, light flux does not create unwanted reflections and no shadows are cast. Mirror lighting is usually installed using wall lamps. If possible, lamps are suggested to be installed near, not above the mirror. BRA lamps or LED stripes are great for that. This kind of lighting is often used to illuminate not only mirrors, but also cabinets, spaces near the sink or other vertical and horizontal surfaces. That way a cozy feeling is created, the light flux is not blinding, unwanted reflections are avoided.
LED lighting is one of the most popular lighting solutions for a bathroom, but if this room is spacious, the lighting can be formed using several types of lamps. Lighting is matched to the interior, so it is possible to have modern accent lighting, created using track spotlights or a modern chandelier which will become the main accent of the bathroom. To separate the spaces, floor lamps can be used. In our catalogue You would find torchieres reminding of real art pieces. They could become a charming decorative detail and work both as the main or an additional light source.

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