Workplace lighting


Workplace lighting is a relevant topic not only talking about offices or other usual work spaces, but also home zones. Spaces where various tasks are performed appear in private houses and flats, and they need proper lighting. When thinking of a workplace, the first image to come to mind is working with computer. When one wants this work to be comfortable, it is common to take care of correct posture – acquiring a comfortable chair and work desk. However, proper workspace lighting also helps to work productively.
Workplace lighting is concentrated in the areas where certain activities are pursued. Desk lamps, dotted LED or accented spotlight lamps help to concentrate light exactly where it is needed most. Besides, lamps with regulatory mechanism may be chosen to comfortably direct the light in any wanted way. Also, lamps may help to separate different workspace areas. For example, floor luminaires can separate a workspace from leisure zone. In order to accent the separation even more, different pendants can be used.
If a job is carried out using computers or other technology that has a screen and shiny surfaces, then it has to be considered when designing the lighting in order to avoid unwanted reflections. Light that is as natural and balanced as possible has to be chosen. It is also important not to forget that workspace lighting has to be designed and installed so no unwanted shadows would appear. A working person has to have the possibility to move freely without worrying about creating a shadow to obscure his or her workspace.
Workspace lighting is regulated by law and has to comply with all hygiene requirements. If You are an employer, You must take care of proper lighting, as it is crucial for the health, well being and productivity of Your employees. If You are planning to equip a workspace in Your home, You should also consider these requirements. Contact our professional team and we will gladly help You design workspace lighting at home or office, choose the proper lamps, explain the technical properties. Contact us online or come to our salon in Kaunas old town. The contacts are provided below.

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