Crystal luminaires


Crystal luminaires or chandeliers are a real luminaire classic. Even with lighting tendencies constantly changing, these kind of lamps remained relevant and are easily fitted in classical, modern private or public interiors. Crystal pendants can function as a main light source, as they can be of different sizes, and they can also be designed individually if You need an additional light source. Crystal wall lamps work perfectly with pendants. They are tasteful interior details and a unique, gentle and warm way of lighting, which helps to create a special feeling of coziness and luxury.
Crystal luminaires have hand-made details, so each element is thoroughly polished and is perfectly aesthetic. The light flux, refracted by the crystal details, shines in different colors, creating an even more special lighting. That is why mounting a crystal luminaire requires specific technical knowledge for the lamp to perfectly perform it‘s function and bloom in all it‘s beauty. Contact our lighting professionals and we will gladly help You choose from our huge catalogue.

The variety of crystal luminaires

Crystal luminaires may be classical or modern. More often this type of lamps is called a reborn classic, as lamp designers supplement classical shapes with modern details, which make both ceiling and wall crystal lamps easily fitted in various interiors. Crystal lamps are becoming an important detail of a dining, living room, or, for instance, a restaurant or hotel space. It attracts attention, admiration and emits gentle, cozy light.
Differently sized and shaped crystal luminaires are a great investment if You appreciate hand-made items, are looking for quality and functionality. You can choose the right luminaire from our catalogue or contact us and we will consult You about Your individual lighting design.

Crystal lamps in interiors

Classical luminaires meet all requirements for a classical, luxurious, decorative interior, so crystal lamps made by the best masters of Italy, Czech Republic and other European countries will satisfy a client with even the highest standards of splendor. Modern crystal luminaires may surprise You with their unique shapes, which kind of mimic classical chandeliers, but at the same time fit great in minimalistic interiors. Despite them being usually used as the main and only light source, these lamps can be matched with other types of luminaires, for instance, torchieres or BRA wall lamps.
If You are looking for unique luminaires for Your home or other spaces, have questions about the price, technical parameters of the lamps, are interested in individual lighting projects, contact our professional team online or in any other convenient way and we will gladly help You.

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