Bedroom lighting


Bedroom lighting is usually used to create a cozy, tranquil, intimate atmosphere. It is a subtle and private space, which is primarily used for rest. That is why lighting solutions have to be designed for the light to be subtle, it has to be possible to regulate it‘s flux according to one‘s needs, the time of the day. Lamp choice is usually mostly affected by the main style of the interior, the size of the bedroom, the number of natural light sources and their arrangement.
One may notice that bedroom luminaires are continuously more often used to not only create coziness and intimacy, but there are some activities carried out there, requiring a certain lighting. For example, if You like reading in bed, then You should definitely choose lamps suitable for reading when designing bedroom lighting. These lamps have to be installed or put near the bed to perfectly illuminate the reading area, would not disturb those near it and have a comfortable on/off mechanism.
Bedroom lighting can be designed using various types of luminaires: ceiling, hanging, BRA lamps, recessed, spotlights, floor lamps or mini torchieres – we offer a wide selection of lamps. Highest quality may be found in our catalogue: lamps created by the best lamp makers of Europe and the whole world will impeccably fit Your bedroom interior. Feel free to contact our professional team and we will gladly help You choose the lamps, and, if needed, design Your bedroom lighting, take care of it‘s installation.

Variety of bedroom lamps

Bedroom lighting solutions are related to the dominant interior style and required function. That is why different bedroom lamps also work as an important interior detail, but rarely become the main accent of this space.
Lamps near bed or wall lamps for reading are also an inseparable part of this leisure zone. It is important to not only note their arrangement, but also their switch installation in order to achieve the most convenient turning on/off. Also, light intensity regulation mechanism can be installed near the switches to comfortably and quicly adjust the lighting. Lamps near the bed are usually meant to be used for reading. They are attached to the wall or put on a night stand near the bed. The latter are quite mobile so they can be easily moved from the night stand to, for example, mirror or a cabinet. A proper number of electrical sockets and switches has to be taken care of when designing the lighting.
Both mirror and closets are to be illuminated when creating a bedroom lighting. Wall lamps that help to avoid unwanted shadows are great to be installed on the sides of a mirror. It is also very important that the light would be as natural as possible. To illuminate the closet, accented lamps, attached to the ceiling, can be used with LED stripe constructions for the shelves. Also, more often a wardrobe is created near the bedroom. It‘s lighting may be matched with the lighting of a leisure zone, lamps of the same style can be chosen. LED lamps, accented track spotlights are great for this as well.
Wall BRA lamps ensure the feeling of coziness and intimacy in the bedroom. They can help illuminate certain spaces in the room, details, art pieces. Furthermore, bedroom lighting ideas can also be implemented using torchieres. They can work perfectly as an additional light source, at the same time separating different areas in the room.
Bed illumination in the bedroom can be designed using LED stripes, when this piece of furniture has to be emphasized, creating a special feeling of coziness and intimacy. LED lighting in the bedroom helps to shape a special mood. Bedroom lighting ideas are implemented considering the interior aspects, furniture, and, of course, the main accent – the bed.

Specialties of bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting solutions designed by lighting professionals are special with their thoroughly thought-out details and an atmosphere which allows one to feel comfortable, safe, cozy and calm. Bedroom ceiling lighting, wall accents, lamps near the bed, uncommon lighting solutions – all this has to be precisely calculated, applied, the newest lighting solutions and technologies have to be used. Wall, floor or hanging bedroom lamps can be regulated remotely: their light intensity, color can be adjusted. Time for the lamps to turn on or off can also be set, meaning that bedroom lighting can become a part of a smart house system, complying with all sustainable consumption ideas.
Lamps for bedroom lighting that can be found in our catalogue are special with their unique design and highest quality. Our professional team will gladly help You combine different lamps to create a special atmosphere, ensuring Your perfect rest. If You have any questions regarding bedroom lighting design, prices of the lamps or are looking for unique technical solutions, contact us online or in any other way.

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