Modern pendants


Modern pendants are one of the most popular type of lamps in the market, because they work great in spaces of different styles, are a great light source, as well as an important style detail. Thanks to these lamps an illusion of a higher ceiling can be created, different spaces can be separated. Modern luminaires can become one of the main accents in a dining or living room. In our catalogue You may find a vast selection of lamps coming in many shapes made by different creators from Europe and the whole world. Our lamps meet all requirements for highest quality, sustainable consumption and match all interiors.
Modern pendants can be hanged indoors or outside. They look best in spaces with higher ceilings, but a lower ceiling can also have this great lamp installed if the lighting is designed professionally and a proper lamp is chosen, making the ceiling seem higher. Pendants vary in their shapes, design details, they may have different light sources installed. That is why it is very important to properly design the lighting, calculate an optimal light flux intensity, consider the possible environmental effect, meet all safety requirements so the lamp would be lasting and not cause any disturbances to the people around it.
If You are looking for modern lighting solutions, have any questions about the price, technical properties of the lamps, feel free to contact our team online or in any other convenient way.

How to choose a modern pendant?

Our lighting design team constantly cooperates with interior designers, contractors, as well as with lamp makers from all around the world. That is why we can confirm that the market is forever changing and to choose a lamp from this abundance is a difficult task. Complicated but interesting, full of challenges and letting one enjoy the results of it‘s work. It does not matter if it is a project in a tiny standard flat, home or a huge unorthodox project in public spaces of over several thousand square meters.
Modern ceiling lamps can be very different with their styles and vast possibilities of application. A decision to choose a modern pendant has to be based on minimal calculations. Ceiling height, it‘s technical state, lamp attachment, installing and mounting possibilities, the size of the area, the most prominent style of the space, lamps that are already installed there – all these factors are important. Only then the time to choose the lamp design comes.

What are the most recent pendant tendencies?

Modern pendant tendencies are closely related to ideas of minimalism in an interior. However, lamp makers do not limit themselves and that is why You can find modern lamps or even lamps with crystal elements in our catalogue.
After long years of working in lighting we are glad to be hearing people ask about what is fashionable less often. This was replaced with the client‘s wishes to buy lamps that are lasting, perfectly meeting their needs, using the newest lighting technologies. These all add up to conscious consumption, which we always emphasise.
So if You are looking for lighting solutions, contact our team in any convenient way or come to our salon in Kaunas old town.

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