Outdoor pendants are a great decision for those with higher outside spaces, who want to illuminate them and shape the environment – accent some areas, create a cozy and light feeling, or just decorate it with a stylish and functional detail. In any case, many questions about installing the lighting, it‘s resistance, price and etc., may arise. Wrong decisions may become a real headache (even literally), so if you are renovating your home or creating new spaces, always consult not only architects and designers, but also lighting specialists. The best results will be achieved if pendants will be installed by professionals, saving time and money. A properly chosen lamp will be efficient and lasting.

Peculiarities of outdoor pendants

Light and coziness are wanted in the night time. Outdoor pendants may be a solution to create the most natural lighting effect. Lamps with LED technology are a great way to safely and economically obtain the right lighting. A teritorry or a certain spot, illuminated from above, may be of different sizes. The brightness depends of some aspects: the number of the lamps, the brightness of the bulbs, lamp shades, height in which it is installed. When planning this type of lighting, it is important to consider how the chosen lamps can be attached and installed. Of course, the height of the installation also has to be taken into account, so it would not become a „trap“ for taller people.

Where are outdoor pendants usually used?

Outdoor pendants are extremely popular in spacious outdoor terraces. It does not matter if it is near a private home or belongs to a cafe – this lighting allows us to form an exclusive space feeling not only because of the flux coming from above, but also because of the possibility to adjust the lamp‘s height. Their installation is not complicated, but the area that the lamps are going to be attached to has to be evaluated in advance.

How are these kind of lamps matched to the environment?

Lamp shades are usually matched to the exterior style or chosen according to the required effect. If a cozy, warm home image is wanted, then wickered, knitted or cloth-like shades are chosen. Metal, glass of various transparency and plastic have a little more edge, and choosing shades for these lamps is affected by their shape. For example, big round lamps, hanged on long fasteners, look like they are floating and creat a cozy, light feeling.

What to consider when choosing an outdoor lamp?

When choosing outdoor pendants, possible environmental impact has to be considered. Besides dust and moist, outdoor pendants are a little bit more susceptible to wind. That is, we would not recommend hanging it in a place with gusts of wind, as that way it will constantly swing and not function properly, becoming a possible threat to the people close to it. The solution to this problem are ceiling or wall outdoor lamps, which are mounted similarly, but they are closer to the surface and that way become much more stable.

What kinds of outdoor pendants are there?

You can choose from different styles of outdoor pendants in our catalogue. Modern, classic, or, for example, „Art Deco“ lamps – it is all there. Ones are better for urban, minimalistic spaces, others – for cozy home exteriors or garden terraces. If you are looking for optimal solutions, feel free to call or contact „Lempa“ team online, and we will gladly help you choose the lamp, consult You about the installation.

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