Stair lighting


Stair lighting is important in both functional and aesthetic ways. Stair lighting helps to orientate in a dark premise or outside at the night time, also creating a feeling of safety. This lighting may as well facilitate implementing various interior and exterior decoration ideas. LED stripes, built-in lamps are best for stair illumination. This type of lighting is resistant to various environmental factors. LED stripes are easily attached in different plains, forming a hidden lighting. That way stair silhouette is emphasized or a light flux, lighting not only the steps, but the whole construction, is formed. When designing stair lighting it is important to consider the light sources of the stairway, hallway or other premise that has stairs in it.
Stair lighting may also be formed installing lamps in the walls. Furthermore, stair lighting may come to life both indoors and out. The most important aspect to take into account is possible environmental effect, the most optimal arrangement to achieve a functional and safe lighting that matches it‘s surroundings. Illuminated stairs can become a real adornment of a house or other space. If You are planning on installing this type of lighting, feel free to contact our specialist team in any convenient way and we will gladly help You choose the most optimal type of lighting, take care of all installation matters. We work across all Lithuania and constantly cooperate with interior designers, so contact us if You are looking for reliable lighting partners.

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