A chandelier is a classical luminaire, and classic is not known to be affected by fashion trends. It may surprisingly fit into different interiors. That is why we can confirm that chandeliers work great both in modern flats, houses and where authentic luxury, splendor, refinement have to be emphasised. Chandeliers may not only be classical, but also modern. More and more often lamp designers create chandelier interpretations that can only be called a modern classic. These impressive luminaires, looking a lot like art pieces, may decorate both home and public interiors.
It is safe to say that a chandelier will not only function as a light source, but also as an important interior detail. For example, experts often call luxurious crystal chandeliers masterpieces, worth investing in. The most famous lamp makers from Italy, Czech Republic, Austria and other countries ensure quality and longevity. Also – uniqueness, as chandeliers may be individually designed and made for a certain space.
If You are looking for a chandelier, feel welcomed to see that these kind of lamps can not only be antique or huge, but also – modern, suitable for differently sized areas and interiors. Feel free to contact our lighting professional team online or in any other convenient way. The contacts are provided below.

What kinds of chandeliers are there?

Even if a chandelier may be considered a classical luminaire, it‘s design may also be modern, easily fitted in contemporary interiors. Chandeliers are made out of manually polished crystal. To make their bases, lasting and high-quality materials are used. In our catalogue You may find chandeliers of various colors, decorative elements or even futuristic shapes. These are a great example of hand-made masterpieces, together with the ideas of lamp makers.
Chandeliers are unique as they can be big enough to illuminate the whole room. It helps save space, as no additional light sources are needed. Almost the only requirement is the ceiling high and big enough to install the chandelier and help him bloom in all it‘s beauty.
If You are looking for a chandelier for your living room, dining room, restaurant, hotel or other space, feel free to contact our team and we will not only deny the many myths surrounding chandeliers, but also gladly help you choose one.

Chandelier design and installation

Chandeliers are installed on the ceiling and may be huge, with lots of decorative elements, also, a bit more modest for smaller premises. Mounting and attaching a chandelier requires a lot of knowledge, as one of the first tasks is choosing the right lamp for a certain space. Usually chandeliers are installed in dining, living rooms, various hotel, restaurant spaces. They emit cozy light, create a cozy, luxurious feeling, usually becoming an important and outstanding interior detail.
A chandelier has to be designed to maximally illuminate the space and match perfectly with the interior. If, for instance, the chandelier that is in the living room is designed properly, no additional light sources are needed. Crystal used in chandeliers is not only a decorative detail, but also an element that refracts light and creates a special feeling.
Chandeliers can be designed individually. If You are looking for unique lighting solutions, are interested in chandeliers, have questions about their price or technical properties, feel free to contact our professional team online or in any convenient way. The contacts are provided below.

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