Recessed outdoor lamps


Recessed outdoor lamps are very resistant to various environmental factors. These type of lamps can be installed in ceilings, walls or even stairs or fences. Despite their light flux being able to be directed, modern recessed lamps usually do not have a shade and also may not have a frame. That is why they are perfect in spaces where the space is saved or light flux is needed as a certain detail of an exterior.
Even though these lamps may be used widely, recessed outdoor lamps require taking care of special spaces for installation and electrical connection in advance. That is why when designing this type of lighting it is especially important to properly evaluate technical properties of constructions where the lamps will be installed. Also – to comply with all safety requirements. In order to do that professionaly, contact „Lempa“ specialist team, which will gladly help You choose the lamp, answer all questions about the price, help You install it in the way it would work for a long time.

What kinds of recessed outdoor lamps are there?

Recessed outdoor LED lamps may be of different shapes and sizes. LED technology allows the most different lighting projects to be implemented: from emphasizing exterior details to creating a colorful lighting that creates a certain mood of a building or space. Recessed outdoor lamps can be used as the main or an additional light source.

Where are recessed outdoor lamps usually used?

Recessed outdoor lamps work great in terraces, open porches, balconies. Also, to illuminate garden paths, flowerbeds, driveways or entrances, stairs, gates.
It is important to choose an optimal amount of lamps. If they are matched to other lamps, then overlapping of their light flux has to be precisely evaluated. That way a wanted effect is achieved, the recources are saved and sustainable consumption ideas are implemented.

How to properly install recessed outdoor lamps?

Lighting design, lamp mounting, attachment and installation have to be taken care of by professionals. Usually these type of lamps are installed when renovation of private or public spaces is done. It is the easiest to install these lamps in newly built objects, as this way infrastructure can be taken care of in advance. Does not matter what project You are creating, we will gladly take care of it. Feel free to contact us online or come to our salon in Kaunas at Your convenience.

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