Hallway lighting


Hallway lighting is designed taking the size of the space, prominent interior style, required lighting functions into account. Hallway lighting ideas and their implementation is usually related to what and how many actions are performed in this public area. The hallway may just be a premise that connects different spaces on the same floor, may it be a home, office or a hotel. Usually the halls are long and narrow, but, for example, mirrors or cabinets may be hung in wider hallways. All these aspects help to decide what kind of lighting would work best to maximally fulfill functional needs, not forgetting sustainable consumption. Hallway lighting ideas are closely related to style, energy saving, limited space and creating a cozy feeling.
The most popular lamps to illuminate the hallways are recessed or LED lamps, attached to the ceiling, various wall lamps, LED stripes or even recessed floor lamps. When illuminating a long hallway, light sources are arranged in equal spaces in order not to leave any dark spaces. However, an adverse effect is also possible when some kind of mystery is wanted, so the light flux is formed leaving some spaces dark. Ceiling lamps are used to illuminate a narrow hallway, as other lamps are not possible to install due to lack of space. A flat’s hallway lighting is usually designed using wall lamps to create a cozy feeling and help orientate in space.
When designing hallway lighting, it is crucial to consider the frequency of the light being turned on and off. Lighting can be regulated by movement detectors in offices or other public spaces where energy is being actively saved. LED stripes are becoming more popular, because they help to make hallway lighting ideas come true, save some energy. It is important that proper installation of electrical sockets is important for the light to be equally intense in all sections. It is especially relevant when long hallways are to be illuminated. So if You are looking for professional lighting solutions, feel free to contact our specialist team and we will gladly design Your hallway or other space lighting, give advice on what lamps to choose, provide You with comprehensive information on their technical properties.

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