Kitchen lighting


Kitchen lighting stands out with it‘s intensity. Despite luxury luminaires making the kitchen more charming, kitchen lighting ideas are mainly based on functionality. Both lighting specialists and people who cook often will confirm that it is especially important to illuminate the working surfaces, stove – the zones where food preparation takes place. Different types of lamps may be used for different kitchen spaces. They help to make sure that it is comfortable to cook in this room, also creating a cozy feeling.
Recently LED kitchen lighting has become more popular. In spite of the lamps for small kitchen or big cooking spaces being different, they are easily matched together as usually the number of lamps is not big. For example, hanging kitchen luminaires or accented spotlights are matched with recessed lamps or kitchen furniture lighting which is usually made using LED stripes. Style and aesthetics are important, but funcionality and bright accented lighting come first in the kitchen.
If You are looking for lighting solutions for Your office or home kitchen, are equipping a professional kitchen in a restaurant or cafe, feel free to contact our team and we will gladly help You design the lighting, choose the lamps, answer all questions regarding the price and, generally, all kitchen lighting related matters.

Kitchen furniture illumination

Lighting in the kitchen is very important. Hanging and recessed lamps, LED stripes which form cabinet, working surface lighting all match perfectly in the kitchen. Kitchen working surface may be designed using dotted LED lamps which help to illuminate the spaces in need of intensive and concentrated lighting. Under the cabinets, on the sides of the shelves or at the borders of a working surface – that is where LED lighting comes in handy, both illuminating the spaces and enriching the space with aesthetic charm. Some kitchen areas can be emphasized with ceiling accented lamps, shining from the ceiling down. For example, kitchen bar or an islet in the middle of the kitchen.

Kitchen lighting design

Kitchen size is important when designing it‘s lighting. For example, lighting of a small kitchen will be designed in a way that one lamp would have several functions, that way saving space and ensuring maximal comfort. Ceiling lamps with regulatory mechanism to direct the flux work best for this. Also – built-in lamps, LED stripes. Bigger spaces can use lamps with more massive shades, for instance, hanging LED panels. Kitchen and dining room lighting can be fitted together when these zones are connected, at the same time visually separating them.
Lamps in our catalogue are of highest quality, safety standards, they comply with sustainable consumption ideas. Unique designer works, modern minimalistic lamps or classical, luxurious luminaires with shades of different shapes and sizes – the selection is vast. Standard or even a bit boring spaces may become cozy, stylish and functional with the help of our luminaires.

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