Luminaire showroom in Kaunas "LEMPA LT“


Luminaire salon „LEMPA.LT“ is located in Kaunas old town, on a crossroad of Palangos and Kurpiu streets. You are welcome to come to our spacious and wonderfuly illuminated salon – to see our constantly renewed lamp exposition, discuss lighting installation for Your home or work space or just to have a nice talk. Our specialist team are ready to help You choose the right lamps, give advice on lighting system installation.
Our luminaire salon is a place where it is the most convenient to see how lamps that are designed having the newest tendencies in mind fit in a real interior. We cooperate with the most famous lamp makers from around the world, constantly follow the news of this area, so we can offer and show You the best and most advanced lamps or lighting systems. We can suggest lamps for different interiors – from futuristic modernism to decorative classical „Art Deco“ or luxurious luminaires. Lamps in our exposition in Kaunas are constantly renewed, so You can see the most different luminaires in person both in our salon in Kaunas old town and virtual catalogue.
If You are working in interior design, we gladly offer You to cooperate with our lighting specialists. We are constantly working on projects all around Lithuania, so we suggest we meet and discuss possible cooperation. We are located in Kaunas old town just a minute away from the main – Vilnius – street. Our lamp salon in Kaunas is easily accesible by car or public transportation. In our paid parking lot which can be accesed from Birstonas street or Karalius Mindaugas prospect, going on Palangos and Kurpiu streets, You will find a place for Your car. If You contact us in advance and set a time for our meeting, we will take care of a parking sport for You and explain the way to come there on the phone or in any other convenient way.
In „Lempa.LT“ salon and e-shop You will find a constantly changing lamp exposition of renowned lamp makers. We provide each client with comprehensive information on the newest lighting tendencies, consult about the technical properties of the lamps, smart lighting technologies. Both in our salon in Kaunas and virtual shop we guarantee exceptional attention to every one of You. Also – design consultations, a possibility to order lamps which our best craftsmen will make according to Your individual project, as well as exceptional price suggestions.

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