Ceiling illumination


Ceiling illumination is used to emphasize special architectural solutions, ceiling decorative elements. Any space can be illuminated – it does not matter if it is a kitchen, dining, living room, hallway ceiling. Usually ceilings of a few levels are illuminated. Ceiling steps and ornamental elements are lighted using LED stripes or special accented spotlights.
Ceiling lighting can also become an important accent of the room, for example, big LED panels or chandeliers attached directly on the ceiling create a stylish view, making the ceiling an ornamental piece. Various LED constructions allow to illuminate stretch ceiling or to create special modules on which required picture can be created, for instance, illusion of the stars or the sky. Ceiling lighting design is matched to the interior, also, lamps are fitted – their type and style is decided, light flux parameters are calculated.
If You want to create a special environment in Your home, office, restaurant or other space, are designing a unique ceiling, our professional team will gladly take care of all lighting matters. Feel free to contact us online or come to our salon in Kaunas old town. The contacts are provided below.

Ceiling lighting ideas for home and public spaces

In order for ceiling lighting to become a tasteful and stylish detail, one should trust interior designers and lighting specialists with it‘s design. We constantly cooperate with designers, ceiling mounting specialists, contribute to projects across Lithuania. Ceiling lighting is usually designed together with a house or a certain room‘s design. It is crucial as ceiling illumination does not only consist of choosing the lamps, but also precise calculations, planning the electrical connection, deciding switch location, atc. Recently almost the most popular lighting type has been LED stripes. One must not forget that LED stripes work best as an additional light source. If the premise is equipped with classical, „Art Deco“, modern or various lamps, LED lighting can be easily fitted within them. This type of lighting can be regulated remotely, changing the intensity and colors.
Ceiling lighting installation requires quite a lot of technical knowledge, but the most important thing is to design the lighting properly, decide the lamp arrangement, power supply, electrical connection in advance. It is important to consider that to install ceiling lamps or LED stripes, some extra space which is properly prepared according to the technical properties of the ceiling is going to be needed. Ceiling lighting solutions usually depend on effect that the client requires. If some decorative elements are wanted to be emphasized, accented lamps can be used. If, for example, ceiling lighting in the living room will be more ornamental, highlighting the shapes, then LED stripes would work better. Ceiling lighting in the kitchen is also usually related to interior decoration, as these lamps most often work as an additional light source. Kitchen and living room ceiling lighting can be matched to each other if these spaces are connected. That way a special luxury space feeling is created. Combining ceiling lighting with wall or floor lamps in the bedroom may be the solution to ensure the light demand, needed for the feeling of coziness and tranquility. That is why to illuminate a leisure zone, bright light sources are not needed anymore. That way it is possible to save some space and create a special atmosphere.

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