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Pendant lamps play an important role in home and public interior. Aesthetics and funcionality go together in these kind of lamps. Pendants may be of different sizes, shapes, made out of different materials: metal, plastic, wood or even crystal. Materials of highest quality and resistance are combined together, and all „Lempa“ lamps work using the most innovative lighting technologies.
Home pendants look perfectly in a living room, spacious kitchen or bedroom. These kind of lamps are also great in offices, both in common or relaxation areas and in meeting rooms. LED (light emitting diode) lamps, with the help of diode technology and shades of various specifications, help illuminate the premises of different height and width. Besides, LED technology does not drastically increase the price, but ensures a lamp is environmentally friendly, lasting and of perfect quality. „Lempa“ lighting specialist team will gladly design Your home or office illumination and advice what kind of pendants will meet Your needs best.

Use of pendant lamps

Pendants work best in rooms with high ceilings, as their lighting mechanism is attached on threads of different length. Lamp shades may be differently shaped or sized. They can not only help regulate the luminous flux, but also implement design solutions. Hanging lamps are matched to the interior, furniture, wall and ceiling texture. They can light the whole space or only a few details.
Big tiered luminaires or even chandeliers are irreplaceable in lighting the spaces in the living or dining rooms. Industrial premises with high ceilings or modern urban offices often have hanging lamps with huge shades, attached to the ceiling or a metal beam with long threads.
These luminaires are usually hanged above the tables and their light flux is the most intense in an exact area. Sometimes this kind of lighting is enough to light up the whole room, but sometimes the desired flux can be created combining pendants with wall or floor indoor lamps.

How to choose the right pendant?

Various criteria may be considered when choosing a pendant, since the supply is really great. Functionality and aesthetics are one of the most important aspects to this. If the ceiling is high enough and there are no other restrictions that would deny the installation of hanging lamps, then the lighting design has to meet all the requirements for that exact environment. These include lumen count per square meter, possible height of installation and their attachment possibilities, the number of the lamps (important because of the ceiling size, electrical connection), design, harmony with the environment.

What kinds of pendants are there?

Pendants have no limits in their functionality and aesthetics. Classical, modern or even futuristic lamps are easily fitted in different interiors and rooms. The materials these lamps are made of may differ, as well as decoration and light sources – their number, intensity, color.
Hanging lamps may have functions that are regulated manually or with smart techologies: their height, light flux direction, color and intensity may vary.
Handmade pendants found in „Lempa“ catalogue are wonderful examples of mastery and creativity. Unique design solutions and newest technologies go hand in hand with their functionality. You are welcome to take a look at them online or in our salon at Your convenience.

How to install a pendant?

Lamp attachment, mounting, installing depends on the electrical connection and height of the ceiling. Also, on lamp‘s specifications. Lamp‘s attachment height has to be properly set, and if a lamp‘s height is going to be adjusted more often, it is recommended to attach it to the ceiling especially firmly. In any case, light installment has to meet all security requirements. It‘s shade or other parts of construction have to be mounted the way that would not negatively affect people using it and be exposed to environmental factors as less as possible.
Luminaires can be installed on special sliding or mobile constructions, tracks. One can also choose lamps that may be transformed into recessed when not in use. Feel fre to contact „Lempa“ team with all the questions regarding pendant design and installment and we will gladly and professionally help You.

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