Bathroom lamps


Bathroom lamps are designed to be resistant to various environmental factors: moist, temperature fluctuations. LED technology makes making the most differently styled and shaped lamps possible, as previously mentioned safety requirements do not apply. The most popular lamps in the bathroom are wall ar hanging lamps. Also, gypsum recessed lamps, installed into gypsum ceiling, are very common.
Several types of lamps are usually combined in the bathroom, creating a soft and cozy lighting. It is not only important to properly design the lighting, but also take care of the arrangement, electrical sockets, switches. The lighting has to be designed to fulfill all functions and create a cozy environment, accent the important details of the bathroom interior.
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Bathroom lighting design

The main task when designing bathroom lighting is to properly arrange the light sources, so the light would be distributed evenly, reflections and unwanted shadows would be avoided. Bathroom is rarely seen without a mirror. This element usually takes up a lot of space, so possible reflections and shadows have to be considered when designing a bathroom lighting. Of course, the right place has to be chosen for the mirror, it‘s qualities, reflection angle, etc, have to be taken into account.
If there is a natural light source in the bathroom, for instance, a window or a skylight, it is crucial to consider this aspect. One more important aspect when talking about bathroom lighting is electricity: plugs, sockets, or, for instance, a whole control unit with which lighting and it‘s elements are regulated. All these electric elements have to be installed where they would be protected from the moist, but also be in a comfortable, easily accesible spot.
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What kinds of lamps are usually used in the bathroom and why?

Probably the most popular lamps in the bathroom are various wall lamps and recessed ceiling lamps. The latter became popular due to several reasons. They are very resistant, space-saving, their light flux is gentle and helps easily create a wanted mood.
Bathroom wall lamps are a great additional light source, they can be mounted near (exactly, if possible, wall lamps are suggested to be installed near, not above the mirror) the mirror, also, LED stripes can be used. This kind of lighting is often used for mirrors, cabinets, surfaces near the sink and other vertical and horizontal bathroom elements. That way coziness is created, the light is not blinding, unwanted reflections are avoided. Besides, LED stripes are very resistant to environmental factors.
Recessed lamps are installed in bathroom‘s ceiling, but they can also be installed in cavities, forming some kind of hidden lighting. Recessed ceiling lamps are arranged to illuminate the certain areas. Light flux intensity and lamp‘s power are calculated by lighting professionals. If the bathroom space is enough to install hanging lamps, they can be attached above the bath. BRA lamps are getting more popular. They are matched to the interior and usually take only a little bit more space than minimalistic wall lamps. Nevertheless, both hanging and BRA lamps may become an important interior accent and the main light source, illuminating the bathroom‘s space.
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