Outdoor floor lamps provide wide possibilities to implement lighting ideas near a dwelling house or other building. They often mark driveways, garden paths. These lamps may be called the real outdoor lighting classic, as they have been used in vintage mansions, oldtown streets or exquisite gardens and parks for a long time. Nowadays they have quite a few functions and help make almost all ideas regarding outdoor lighting come true. Classical lamps, modern floor lamps or, for example, „Art Deco“ torchieres are functional and stylish. Wide selection of lamp heights and shapes allows them to be fitted to the most different outdoor spaces.

From modern to futuristic design

If when thinking of a traditional outdoor floor lamp we would imagine a pole with a glass shade on the top, then the most modern lamps can have really surprising shapes. Not only shapes, but also possibilities. For instance, if You want to light the path leading home, you may choose a floor lamp that may also be used as a decorative flower pot. You have probably seen hanging flowers on lamp constructions or seen them formed as a bicycle stands somewhere in private parks or public areas.
Modern or even futuristic design, classic or modern classic – that is how wide the asortment of our Lempa.LT catalogue‘s outdoor floor lamps is, impeccable balance between price, functionality and quality. Our lighting specialists will gladly help You choose the lamp. Feel free to call, contact our team online or come straight to our salon in Kaunas.

What are the advantages of outdoor floor lamps?

Decorativeness and a wide spectrum of application allows us to make even the craziest ideas come true, and more and more often these kind of lamps become a stylish detail of a private yard or a cozy outdoor cafe‘s terrace. Also, outdoor lamps are liked of their mobility. They either have a plug or work using various batteries. With solar energy technology evolving, lamps with solar batteries are becoming more popular. LED technology and appropriate solar batteries used in outdoor lamps makes cozy, stylish, safe and sustainable consumption-related environment possible.

What kinds of outdoor floor lamps are there?

Outdoor floor lamps bay be of various shapes, materials, as well as the technologies used. Light fluxes, environmental impact and resistance may also vary. After figuring the main function of a desired lamp, our lighting specialists offer each client an individual solution and at least a few lamps to choose from.
If soft, diffused flux is what You want, we recommend choosing round lamps of transparent white plastic. There even are three sizes available, and these kind of lamps look great in stricter, more expressed shapes of exterior. They will look stylish with concrete or wooden paths or terraces.
If home or a public space requires a more classical solution, then a lamp of stricter forms can be chosen, with it‘s base made of aluminum. Diffuser – of amber-colored glass. These lamps can illuminate the garden paths, solitary lamps work great in flowerbeds, and recessed ground lamps accent the entrances or driveways.

How to install an outdoor floor lamp?

Outdoor floor lamp installation depends on it‘s type. The attachment, mounting and installing of a lamp should be planned before starting to work with outside spaces, and then everything is done together. If You are building a house or equiping new spaces, it is always good to consult the specialists and take care of the electrical connection and fasteners. For instance, Your outdoor floor lamp may have to be attached to a special hard ground, that is usually made out of cement. If you are renovating, it is also important to consider the possibilities for electrical connection. It must be done safely, possible environmental impact has to be calculated and all safety requirements met.
Long years of experience and close cooperation with architects, designers and contractors allows us to quickly and professionally evaluate and advise which outdoor floor lamp would work best for You. Also – plan where it has to be installed, make sure the lux and it‘s intensity is sufficient

Outdoor floor lamp market:

„Lempa“ team communicates and cooperates personally with lamp creators and makers from all around Europe, so that we could present our clients with all the newest lighting tendencies and implement the most advanced technical solutions. We are trying to offer exclusive and reliable products. The latest additions to LED technology and the designer‘s creativity turns outdoor lamps to real masterpieces. Thin metal constructions, plastic of the highest quality and resistance – all these are lighting solutions, letting us turn every outdoor space to a cozy, safe and well – illuminated area even on the darkest night.

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