Living room lighting


Living room lighting is an area where creations of both interior designers and lighting specialists can be found, making one feel surprised by their originality and aesthetic qualities. A living room is a space where guests are welcomed and family members spend quite a lot of time carrying out various activities. That is why this room‘s illumination has to be very thoroughly designed. A few types of lamps are matched in the living room: some are best when one only wants to spend some time with a book and a cup of one‘s favorite drink, others – when the room is full of people and nice conversations or other activities happen in different areas of the room.
Living room lighting has to be universal, without doubt functional, but it‘s function also has to be perfectly combined with it‘s style, as it is, at some sense, a representative house area. Hanging, wall, floor living room lamps are chosen and arranged to perfectly fit together, look ideally in the interior and perform their functions well. According to the dominant interior style, living room lamps can be modern, classical or, for example, of decorative „Art Deco“ style. The living room is a place where interior designers and lighting specialists (us) can let their fantasy run free.
If You are looking for reliable lighting specialists, want advice on how to design the lighting in the living room or want some unorthodox solutions that will bring joy and nicely surprise You and Your guests, feel free to contact our team online or in any other convenient way. The contacts are provided below.

Living room lighting ideas

Lighting plays a special role in the living room, as it usually helps this room to get more original and cozy. For example, living room ceiling lighting may become one of the most accented interior parts. For instance, a luxurious chandelier would attract attention and get a lot of compliments, like a real artpiece. We encourage our clients to let their fantasy run free as our lamp selection is exceptionally wide. In our catalogue stylish, highest-quality lamps for various living rooms can be found. Lighting a small living room or matching the lamps in living and dining rooms – leave all this for our professional team. Each space in the living room can have a lamp of different type, this way being separated from the rest of them. It is important to thoroughly calculate what light intensity is needed, to evaluate natural lighting and other important factors. Although, the most important thing to remember is that lighting has to be balanced and meet all Your needs. In our catalogue You can find lamps from all over the world, and if You have any questions about lighting design, price, technical properties of the lamps, feel free to contact us online or in any other way. The contacts are provided below.

How to choose lamps for my living room?

The main criteria should be highest quality, lamp design that matches Your home interior, and gladly, a continuously more popular aspect – sustainable consumption ideas. LED lighting that reasonably became popular, helps to implement the consumer‘s ideas, as LED lamps can be of modern or even futuristic, classical shapes, they can be decorated with details reminding of real art pieces.
Pendants or ceiling lamps that match the interior should be chosen as a main living room light source. Recently accented spotlights have become more popular. They can be attached to special tracks, construcyions that allow their direction and light intensity to be quickly and comfortably adjusted. Classical chandeliers are still one of the top choices in classical interiors. A crystal chandelier may be installed in an exceptionally spacious and luxurious living room. It may even be made with an individual design.
As an additional light source, floor lamps are extremely practical. From classical torchieres to avangard, unexpected shapes, various sizes, them being made out of plastic, metal, fabric – the choice is wast. Torchieres can separate areas in the living room or, for example, separate living and dining rooms. Wall lamps also create an additional cozy feeling, they can be used to light certain interior details, art pieces. BRA lamps can have comfortably regulated holders, so they can also be used as lamps for reading, installed near a sofa or armchair.
Feel free to come to our salon in Kaunas or contact us in any convenient way and we will gladly help You choose the right lamps for Your living room and give advice on all lighting design matters.

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