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Every family spends quite a lot of time in the living room, not only welcoming guests, but also carrying out various activities. That is why the lighting is expected to be nothing less but perfect, and, in some way, universal. Some types of lamps used in the living room are better for calm afternoons with coffee and a good book, others – for the moments when the room is filled with people, chatting and enjoying themselves.
Pendants, wall and floor lamps are designed to perfectly match together. Their look and function are both of highest quality. The living room lamps can be modern, classic or even „Art Déco“. It all depends on the interior. One might say that the living room is a place where interior designers can let their fantasy run free, and together with theirs – ours, lighting specialists‘.
If you are looking for trustworthy lighting specialists, advice on how to get the most out of the lighting in your living room or are longing for some unorthodox decisions that may surprise you and your guests, you are welcome to contact our team online or in any way that is the most convenient for you. The contacts are provided below.

How to choose the right lighting for your living room?

Free your mind, as there are no limits to what you may find. Our catalog is brimming with stylish lamps of highest quality for every type of living room and every area that you may want illuminated. LED lamps may be both modern, even futuristic and classic, decorated with art-like details.
Every area in the living room can have a different type of lighting and that way be secluded from the rest of the room, forming separate spaces. Precise calculations have to be made to figure the strength of the lighting needed. Also, natural light and many other factors have to be taken into account before making any decisions. Despite all of this, the most important thing to consider is the harmony of lighting and if it suits Your needs well.
In our catalogue, you can find lamps from all over the world. If any questions about the design, price or technical aspects arised, you are welcome to contact our team online or in any way that is the most convenient for you. The contacts are provided below.

What are the tendencies of living room lighting?

Every time we get a question about the tendencies of living room lighting, we half-jokingly ask back – what do you think the living room interior design tendencies are? Yes, the answers may vary, but we always emphasize the fact that we are keeping up with the newest trends in lighting and design, so that we would always be able to provide our clients with the highest-quality products and services.
One of the main novelties in both interior and lighting design is that the clients require materials of high quality alongside sustainable consumption. Minimalism together with modern classic is key in lamp design. Styles, previously more popular in public or industrial spaces, are becoming more prevalent in home design.
Energy saving and efficient lighting are among the most important aspects of modern lamp design. On the other hand, stylish and original, often surprising decisions are no less important, especially with the new LED technology, which makes it easier to achieve. Modern lamps in the living room may look like spotlights that we used to see in concert halls as well as „unidentified flying objects“ from cosmic odyssey movies.
You are welcome to visit our shop in Kaunas or contact our team in any way that is the most convenient for you. The contacts are provided below. We would love to help you choose the right lighting for your living room.

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